Gas mini bikes

The safety of the gas motorbike – its important.

Gas mini bikes just have a different way of powering the bike - unlike electric bikes. Because they are small and compact, gas can be an ideal way to run these bikes.

gas driven mini motocross dirtbike for kids

When you buy one you need to ensure the gas section is all working correctly and is safe to use.

A gas bike no matter what it’s attached to, can be a danger if poorly maintained or not looked after at all. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on gas mini-bikes as to how they should be used and treated, and make sure they are the right choice for you.

A good mini dirt bike doesn’t necessarily have to be a petrol driven one (new methods such as electric bikes are slowly being sold). The gas dirtbikes are being bought by kids and adults alike. We intend to look for the best mini mx gas bikes available on the web, and what great deals we can get on all gas small bikes too., had a NEW ZEIMINI 49cc gas powered mini bike for a price of £1454. This mini pitbike made in china, could be quite expensive. However is a wholesaler for many products, so they should be passing on the discounts to you the buyer.

Gas mini bikes is another uk website that is an official main dealer - great for gas mini bikes! They take in many used bikes in part exchange, and you can contact them easily.

Sections on the website include enduro, quads, mx models and trail and trials bikes as well. For instance the 2006 Trail Spec, has a Two stroke, reed-valve intake with a liquid cooling system.

A Marzoochi telehydraulic fork on the front and a Variable progressive system on the back. Both front and rear disc brakes with Duraluminium rims with spokes complete the look of this superb bike. Other gas models included the Pampera 125, Pampera 250, EC 200, EC 250, EC 300 and the EC 400, EC 450.

Most of these Dirt bikes all have full specification, and they should all suit the pit bike track with ease. We only list a very small selection of the dirt bikes they have for sale, do have a vast range of dirt bike motors - so one to short list for sure.

Gas Dirt bikes & stores

Buying gas powered motorbikes. was our next stop for gas mini bikes, they have a fast pit bikes page dedicated to gas powered motocross bikes. A Sikk MX Trail Bike 125cc for $1,799.99 appeared and an Apollo AZR 50 Dirtbike selling for around $599.99. Both models include free shipping too!

Though one classified ad (from another site) - showed quite clearly this pic below? Is it a gas dirt bike? “No” of course not it’s quite clearly a mini electric bike – so it’s good to pay attention to the pics in the ads as well – although it could be a genuine mistake – but eagle eyed buyers should pick sellers up on such things.

dirt bike gas

The link “” only has the one Gas mini bike, which is a 50cc Gas Powered pit bike. Price is $999.95, for an entry level dirt bike - ideal for ages 6+.

50cc gas powered MX mini dirt bike

But an adult could ride this too, the dirt bike would pull 200LB with ease, which gives you an idea of the power this mini MX bike has! Front and rear hydraulic disk brakes, high performance air filter and a heavy duty mono rear shock complete the bike all encased in a lightweight frame. offer a list of Verified Gas Powered Dirt Bike Manufacturers & Suppliers on one of their pages. Often they are cheap mini moto pit bikes from china.

A couple of mini motos that appealed to us were, an EEC approved 400cc Motorcycle with 9L Capacity Fuel Tank, from ZheJiang XingYue Vehicle Co,.LTD. And a Four-stroke dirt Bike with Alloy Handle Bars and a Maximum Speed of 60kph built by China Wangli Group Co. Ltd. No prices were listed as this is purely a list of gas mini bikes manufacturers - but not a bad starting point.

Ebay would have also turned up a set of gas motocross stickers and a mini mx dvd about gas gas bikes for sure, but sadly our time ran out to explore further.

Gas mini bikes, and dirtbikes sure are worth a look, not for everyone it’s true - and prices can be expensive (at the top end), but look at our picks and decide for yourself.

Gas scooters and dirt bikes

A small gas dirt bike is a new and innovative bike. The power coming from these gas "mini" dirt bikes is quite phenomenal, and the gas models in stores is on the increase. When buying one, you really need to look over the gas tanks, fuel lines and brakes etc... to ensure they won't need replacing. Both gas scooters and dirt bikes, are manufactured by a number of firms, so you should not be short of spares for your Gas mini bikes & scooters.

gas scooters and dirt bikes

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