Hjc Dirt Bike Accessories

Keeping it Real: Hjc Dirt Bike Accessories.

HJC Accessories Bring out the Best in a Motocross Helmet.

Many situations cause an MX rider to discard a helmet and purchase another, such as a crash where the helmet is knocked around or excessive weathering.

HJC AC-X3 Carbon Titan Helmet

Sometimes, though, the helmet is in excellent condition except for one or two small items that need repaired or replaced. HJC dirt bike accessories for helmets upgrade and maintain your motocross helmet so that it does its job of rider safety.

Items available include shields, anti-fog lenses, vents and helmet liners and covers. This company has been making helmets since 1971 and certainly has a handle on their craft, which includes motorcycle, off-road and snow helmets.

A helmet that matches the colors of your new bike is a worthy goal. The most important thing to verify for any helmet, though, is a Snell and DOT approval and a proper fit. Next check for features designed to provide excellent vision while riding and keep you safe. HJC dirt bike accessories are available to replace liners, for instance and this time around, you may want to get one of the varieties of helmets especially built for MX riders.

Carbon fiber is tough and durable, yet lightweight. The HJC AC-X3 Carbon Titan Helmet is one of the most popular models because of the carbon fiber weave and resins. It has a full shell carbon fiber application, not just pieces stuck here and there.

Another excellent HJC product is the HJC CL-X6 Hydron helmet featuring an advanced lightweight polycarbonate composite shell. Features that both helmets have in common include - they meet or exceed Snell and DOT standards, the flow-through advanced channeling ventilation system is well executed thus drawing moisture away from your face and head. Superior goggle fit and maximum visibility are part of the large eye port feature. So as you can see HJC dirt bike accessories let you easily replace parts on your helmet to maintain their effectiveness plus the HJC MX helmets are excellent from the get-go.

Great Motocross Stuff for your skull

Every potential buyer wants to find the best deal, a quality item but at a cost reduction – if possible. Why pay over the odds for something? Far better to keep a tight rein on those pocket strings.

HJC Wanted MC-8 Motocross MX dirtbike Helmet

Finding the perfect deal can be a daunting task, however it is possible to find hjc dirt bike accessories, if you know where to find em'.

There are a few different methods one can use to find these dirt bike accessories, and they're all free and easy to use.

The Internet is certainly one of the most essential tools used to find inexpensive dirt bike gear. It's as easy as using your favorite search engine. Just use a keyword search, something like "hjc dirt bike accessories", and instantly you'll have hundreds of options at your disposal. But also click on the google “video” tab, and you’ll also have a wealth of reviews and you can really see what the helmet looks like in three dimensions.

Web sites like Ebay offer public auctions where you can find quality, hjc dirt bike accessories. Do keep a keen eye on postage however, although a carbon helmet is light, some accessories can be fairly bulky which ramps up overall costs to you. Searching forums and places like craigslist can often turn up a HJC deal or two as well.

Hjc Dirt Bike Accessories

Shop Around

Another easy way of finding the perfect deal is to check your local classifieds. Often, newspapers publish motocross related ads in their daily paper. Checking this section out can lead you to the perfect motocross helmet. Also, specialty classifieds like LOOT and the Thrifty Nickel can be a great tool to use. These classifieds offer a better scope of used item and as the sellers are normally quite local its really easy to go and see the item that day.

Knowing is half the battle, and since now you know where to look, you too can find the perfect MX gear and get yourself good dirt bike accessories.

Your HJC Dirt bike shop

HJC Dirt Bike Accessories – accessorize your cool hjc motocross helmets.

hjc motocross dirtbike helmet and Accessories

There are a number of HJC dirt bike accessories that can add additional comfort and safety to your dirt biking experience. Enthusiasts know that the HJC company specializes in helmets and are among the top rated choices, when you are looking for protective gear. With this in mind, you are going to want to review some of the alternative options they have.

Mirrored Shields

One of the HJC dirt bike accessories that you are going to find will be mirrored shields. You will find that they come in several different styles like high definition, smoke and even 8 different colored patterns. These will of course give some new depth and protection to the helmet that you are wearing.

Cool Max Products

When you are looking over the additional items you can choose, the Cool Max HJC dirt bike accessories will prove to be important as well. Take a moment to consider two different items that could help you to handle the heat.

dirt bike motorcycles


What you are going to find is that the Balacavia Cool Max headgear is going to provide you with an exceptional tool that is going to help to absorb sweat faster than many of the other Balacavia items that are on the market.


When the full Balacavia isn't an option, you might want to consider the headliner. This will line your helmet and keep it free from the sweat that you are excreting. This makes it an effective and excellent MX buy for you.

A full motocross face covering.

Super Masks

When you are headed out into colder climates, you are going to find that the Full Face Super Mask will be a great option in the HJC dirt bike accessories basket. These masks will protect your face from the wind chill and they will keep you warm, while providing ventilation as well.

Breath Guards

As you begin to explore the varieties in accessories, you are going to find that breath guards are going to be essential tools. These breath guards go inside of your dirt bike helmet and will help to reduce the risk of fogging and to keep the chill from entering the helmet. In addition to the basic breath guards, you will also find breath boxes that can be used as well.

hjc logo bike

When you are looking over your options for HJC dirt bike accessories, you are going to need to understand that they are designed to enhance both safety and comfort when you are on your dirt bike.

Along with that, it is going to be essential that you also take into account the fact that to best utilize these products, you will want to ensure that you are combining them with helmets that have been designed by HJC.

Above all, it is going to be important that you keep in mind that the HJC name is one that is trusted and well respected as well. What you are going to find is that their products are of a higher quality and considerably more durable material than other gear that is available on the motocross market.

Because of this, you will want to consider some of the different HJC dirt bike accessories that are available in stores before the generic choices you have - for the best possible results.

Dirt bike safety

If generic dirt bike safety gear fits your budget that’s ok. But when you go down to your local dirt bike shop DO check this brand out, as HJC have a lot to offer the dirtbiker.

No-one needs to get hung up on brand of course, but scan your eyes over the HJC helmets and accessories for good deals, or be cheeky and ask the store owner if there are any sales or discounts on the HJC range they stock?

dirt bike safety

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