Husqvarna dirt bikes

The dusty husky gets gripped.

Husqvarna dirt bikes come from a company that is under the umbrella of BMW.

People who are into dirt bike racing look at husqvarna motorcycles and husqvarna parts in a good light - because of the reputation of the company as a leader in creating quality products.

husqvarna dirt bikes husqvarna parts

Another reason is that so many races have been won by the riders of these bikes, such as enduro and supermoto.

That certainly gets the attention of any MX rider – I mean – how good would you be on a proven competition winning husqvarna motorcycle?

The husqvarna motorcycles name is somehow derived from the place of origin, as the company that creates and distributes husqvarna dirt bikes (& husqvarna parts) began manufacturing motorcycles at Huskvarna, Sweden around 1903.

If a person is on the fence about buying a husqvarna 250 from a dealers; one titbit of info that might push him over that thought - is that the husqvarna motorcycle has many replacement parts.

The current range of Husqvarna motocross bikes include –

  • CR50
  • CR65
  • CR125
  • TC250
  • TC449
  • A sporting MX ride of quality.

    husqvarna motorcycles husqvarna dealer

    It is every husqvarna dirt bikes fan’s dream to someday own one, especially buying something with a big husqvarna logo on their fuel tank.

    Riding on a challenging USA trail on a husqvarna 450 is a sight to behold – and many want to give it a whirl. Why not look like the poster guy on a husqvarna dealers showroom wall – you only live once.

    Looking at a vintage husqvarna motorcycle made me appreciate the history of the company that created the husqvarna 510.

    This company is after all a sporting arm of the Husqvarna armament firm that supplies rifles to the Swedish army. This company is obviously skilled at working with steel and high quality metal and engineering.

    The first bike from this company was created during the motorcycle boom in the late 19th century.

    It’s a good thing for many motocross fans that in 1903, they skipped to motorcycle manufacturing - and today we have some fabulous off road bikes.

    Husqvarna Dirt Bikes - A quick history lesson.

    Husqvarna dirt bikes were first produced in Huskvarna, Sweden back in 1903. Long before even this, Husqvarna as a company had been providing rifles to the Swedish Army from as far back as 1689. During the late 1800s the company started to produce bicycles which would then progress logically into producing motorcycles.

    Husqvarna sm 450 motorbike

    Husqvarna produced their very first motorcycle in 1921. It was built entirely in their Swedish factory. This motorcycle had a 550 cc four-stroke "V twin" engine and this would develop into more two-cylinder engines that had a larger capacity.

    By around the end of the 1920's Husqvarna focused more on the international competitions. Other countries in Europe started to sit-up and see these amazing bikes for what they were - which resulted in more sales and the Husqvarna dirt bikes becoming more popular with off-road riders. By the 1970s and into the 1980s they were taking over the motocross & scrambler racing scene.

    The Cagiva Group from Italy bought the motorcycling division in 1986 and saved them from falling under in business. From then on the ‘Husky' range was designed and also built exclusively in Varese (Italy).

    After boasting of over seventy world titles that were achieved in Enduro and Motocross races - in 2007 the BMW Group took over the reins of the Husqvarna brand. With more money now flowing into development only time will tell if the move to BMW was a good one.

    Some of the Good in the 2012 Husqvarna Dirt Bikes

    To begin Husqvarna listened to the riders and the reviewers to decide what was important to fix for 2012. The results are definitely responsive and promise some better riding and handling.

    The 2012 Husqvarna TXC310

    The 2012 Husqvarna TXC250 has a new chromoly frame with better strength and a more rigid feel to provide better handling. The suspension and shock are Kayaba.

    Exhaust systems are the talk of the environmental specialists. Providing more power with a better flow, the new Leo Vince exhaust system is helping to create better Husqvarna dirt bikes. Finally, the handlebar clamps are adjustable.

    The 2012 Husqvarna TXC310 is a great presentation of four stroke Husqvarna dirt bikes that are light enough for more riders to handle while providing torque to deliver the power needed for performance. Kayaba suspension and a more rigid chassis provide better handling in this new Husky.

    An electric starter and a half-gallon extra fuel capacity adds to the longer, competitive ride. The suspension is an upgrade largely due to complaints about the rough handling noted on the 2010 model.

    Meanwhile, the 2012 Husqvarna WR125 is lighter than many other bikes in its class. The power, delivered in a slightly different style, gives what is needed rather quickly instead of making the rider wait while it builds to the force desired. Then it effectively continues to run strong. As they become more popular on the Enduro circuit, the chances are good this Husky will continue to improve even more.

    2012 Husqvarna TE250 “Low” is an incredible bike, designed to meet the demands of the United States market. The big change is the lowered seat height of 35.8 inches, rather than the TE310 seat height of 37.4 inches. Shorter riders now have a full-frame 250, as the suspension, not the frame, was modified to adjust to the change. A stronger steering tube is also part of the new look.

    The 2012 Husqvarna TXC310

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