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Indian classics - the bikes and models.

The indian dirt bike is an old brand, the original Indian makers went out of business in the States in 1953, and it was then sold on a number of times after this as well.

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You can often find that foreign companies re-badge the Indian name and then import and sell the trial bikes here. Italjet is one of these firms, who sell a number of these bikes.

The Indian vintage bikes are well worth seeking out, they have a great heritage, and are considered a great bike by many. Its up to you of course what engine size or model you buy, as there is a superb choice particularly on the used market.

Instead of purchasing a brand new motocross bike, have you considered purchasing an indian dirt bike instead?

indian dirt bike

For about half a century, Indian remained one of the major motorcycle companies in the USA. So if you're looking for a vintage motorcycle, then an Indian model is definitely a viable option.


How did it all begin? The Indian Motorcycle Company was founded in 1901, in Springfield, Massachusetts (USA). Interestingly the company originally produced bicycles starting in 1897.

The company introduced a prototype of its first motorcycle model in 1901, and then began selling motorcycles to the public in 1902. During the first decade of the indian dirt bike, the company sold motorcycles like hotcakes. Then 1904 was literally a red-letter year for the company, as it introduced its first deep-red motorcycle--which eventually became a trademark of the company.


From the years 1901 to 1953, Indian manufactured several different models that eventually became commercially successful. Here are some of the most popular models of the indian dirt bike:

The super enduro indian dirt bike

indian dirtbike motorcycle

The Indian Super Enduro dirt bike is one of a range of small-cylinder motorcycles produced under the venerable "Indian" marque from 1970 until 1976. The Indian Motorcycle Company had been one of the "Big Three" American manufacturers (with Harley Davidson and Excelsior) but it ceased US production in 1953.

In the 1970s the Indian name was revived for a series of "mini-bikes" designed by Italjet in Italy and assembled in Taiwan. They had Taiwanese-built frames, and Italian or Japanese engines of between 50cc and 175cc. The name Super Enduro was given to the SE models, which had headlights and turn signals for use on the road. These motorcycles are commonly known as "mini Taiwans" and "Taiwan Indians."


This model from Indian was first manufactured in 1922. During its years of production, the Indian Chief underwent several upgrades, including a larger engine. In fact, Indian produced the Chief until the original company stopped manufacturing motorcycles in 1953. It was definitely untimely, considering the major upgrades that the model experienced for nearly three decades.


This model actually had several different names during its production. However, its original name was the Ace (1927). A year later, the model underwent changes and was reintroduced as the Indian 401. The motorcycle became to look more like an Indian motorcycle, rather than one from the Ace Motor Corporation.

During the following year the Indian 402 was introduced, with this indian dirt bike having new features such as a sturdier frame. Indian continued to develop its Four model, though it eventually discontinued it in 1942. The Four motorcycle was so momentous in motorcycle history that it was featured on a 2006 stamp issued by the Postal Service of the USA.

indian motorbike models founded 1901


Along with the Chief, this was one of the most valuable models that Indian produced. It manufactured this indian dirt bike for nearly three decades, from 1920-1949. While the first version of the Scout was "The Scout," from 1928-1931 the company manufactured the "101 Scout."

The latter model included several differences, including the frame, seat height, wheelbase, and so on. The Scout became quite popular during World War II, with the "741" version being the most popular one among militaries.


This was an experimental motorcycle designed for the US Army during World War II. Ironically, the 841 had been inspired by a motorcycle that the Germany Army was using then: the BMW R71. However, the Indian 841 was definitely a unique model, due to features such as its frame. Interestingly, the US Army chose to use Jeeps more widely than motorcycles!


After ending all motorcycle production in 1953, the Indian Motorcycle Company was formed again in 2006 by a London-based firm. The company's new home is located in the state of North Carolina, USA.

Indian began producing upgrades of the company's classic models, including the Chief. Rather than focusing on performance as it had during the past, Indian focused on producing luxury motorcycles. In April of 2011, Victory Motorcycle announced that it would be purchasing Indian Motorcycle.

Dirt bike racing pictures

Wanting dirt bike racing pictures and motorbike pics in general? Well the internet is the place to be.

You might want a specific image such as a dirt bike retro advert, or go one step further like a motocross poster. Google is ideal and there are many specialised stores online that have exactly what you want – but the rarer the bike the more time you’ll require to find what you need. These things make great wall art for your den or garage and a brilliant talking piece for the home, and a poster of an old Indian bike advert, will be perfect for that retro look.

indian vintage motorcycle ads pictures pages

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