Kawasaki 125 dirt bikes for sale

125cc Kawasaki power on the dirt track.

Kawasaki 125 dirt bikes for sale can be found on many internet sites such as ebay, and your local papers.

Kawasaki kx 125 motocross bike

If you’re specifically looking for a Kawasaki 125, check out the fan sites; like forums and the manufacturer themselves.

The 125cc bikes are a great buy and you have the choice of buying direct or going for a used option. You will more than likely have a budget, so keep your options open and buy wisely.

Used bikes need more care when buying; in case they have been abused, where as newer bikes are less of a risk, but your budget will have to obviously be bigger.

A dirt bike club or a helpful experienced rider, might assist in buying the perfect kawasaki 125 dirt bikes for sale. With the wide range of Kawasaki rides in the market place do be sure the 125cc 4 stroke dirtbikes are for you. There is no harm in getting a smaller cc of motor bike and upgrading to a Kawasaki 125cc later on.

However if you have decided a 125cc bike is just ideal for your purposes, read below; and don’t forget to leave some cash for motox gear, such as pants and a motocross helmet should you be new to the sport.

kawasaki 125 dirt bikes for sale

Were going to run straight onto bikez.com to discover kawasaki 125 dirt bikes for sale. The site had a Kawasaki KLX 125 L – 2005 model on its pages. This air-cooled model has excellent power, and has been tuned for more grunt at the lower to mid range, so the rider won’t get a shock when launching the dirt bike.

Mxchange.co.uk came next, but this time the site had nothing to offer. It does have a page dedicated to 125 cc dirtbikes but no Kawasaki’s this time – ah well better luck next time. (But do keep popping back to this site – when you go they may have lots of kawa’s).

Kawasaki 125cc dirtbikes kx125 klx125

A Cheap kawasaki dirt bike

Why a used Kawasaki motocross bike makes sense.

Bike-exchange.co.uk should have some kawasaki 125 dirt bikes for sale; we always turn up cool motocross dirt bikes, and this time was no exception. A Kawasaki KX 125 came in at £2998. With only 2 days of riding and its never seen the inside of a racetrack, the 1 previous owner should be able to give you a test ride of this motorcycle. For 2 more dirt bikes that you might find excellent for MX stunts and speed check these out....

A Kawasaki KMX 125 coming in at £875, and a Kawasaki KX 125 priced to sell for £850. The first motorbike has had MOT and tax put on it, and there is no reason this dirt bike buy cannot be made road legal again. Where as the latter cool ride has had a number of new parts added - all included in the sale.

kawasaki dirt bikes for sale

Another classified website we don’t visit that often for kawasaki 125 dirt bikes for sale; is local.thesun.co.uk. Here we turned up a Kawasaki monster dirtbike a kawasaki kx 125, 2004 model for only £1,100. With only light use this kawasaki was in the scramblers for sale section due to the owner having financial issues and needed a quick sale.

When buying a dirt bike you can haggle on price, but if you feel a well specified dirt bike with all the extras included is a fair price, don’t offer silly money to the seller – you will only insult them with their kawasaki 125 dirt bikes for sale, and you could lose a bargain.

We then dropped in on gumtree.com. Although they don’t always have dirt bike pictures on their ads, nice bikes & cheap models can be dug up. We un-earthed a kawasaki 125 for a low £500, description was a bit short but contact details of the seller where available. Gumtree is a free place to sell anything not just motocross bikes.

Kawasaki 125cc dirtbike engine

For dirt bike ads including pictures, in our sarch for kawasaki 125 dirt bikes for sale - take a trip over to preloved.co.uk. A racing Kawasaki KMX 125cc model was offered up at £825.

This motorbike had a water cooled motor, Bridgestone tires on the back and a set of indicator lights – it had been a road legal bike, and could be put back on the road easily.

However a Kawasaki KMX 125 road legal bike did appear. For around £1,000, this ride had a full set of new dirtbike decals, 10 months MOT and tax and excellent power delivery.

It’s true you can go directly to a Kawasaki dirt bike supplier, who can give you other products that include warrantees and guarantees. But you will be paying full price, on kids bikes and the full range that Kawasaki offer today. But if you act sensibly and go for 2005 - 2010 dirtbikes or MX bikes that are older but are still cared for; you will see your cash return a lot more for your money.

Parts for kawasaki dirt bikes

A cheap kawasaki is a fantastic bargain. Many kawasaki dirt bikes for sale are advertised locally or on auction sites. Before buying make sure the parts for YOUR kawasaki, are available and if you have a specific bike like a kawasaki 250, you are able to repair it (is it within your abilities)? Also do some minimal research, are certain Kawasaki models more expensive to fix, and would your income stretch to that? If not try a different model, with similar(ish) abilities.

parts for kawasaki dirt bikes


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