Kawasaki 65cc dirt bike

Kawasaki krazy on all 65 of em’.

The kawasaki 65cc dirt bike is a great machine. It could be considered a lighter bike than most, but its engine still packs a lot of power.

Kawasaki 65cc motocross bike 2011 kx 65

Kawasaki models have come on a lot and are now extremely popular with some of the professional riders.

When looking to buy your Kawasaki check the engine power is fine for your own style of riding, is it going to be too light or heavy for your needs? Will you be pushing the engine too much? Or will it be too powerful for your needs?

Check out classifieds and ebay for used models of kawasaki’s, and take your time to find the right bike.

The Kawasaki 65cc Dirt Bike.

The Kawasaki 65cc dirt bike for 2012 is a light but powerful machine. It is the smallest Kawasaki dirt bike and is used as an entry level motorcycle for the beginner races.

The 65cc dirt bike is known for having an appealing design and boasts a history of speed and reliability behind it.

kawasaki 65cc dirt bike

They are becoming very popular with professional riders. The 65cc has a two stroke single internal combustion motor with hydraulic front brakes and standard disc rear brakes. The curb weight of the bike is a mere 132.2 lbs.

Some of the specs for the Kawasaki 65cc dirt bike are as follows:

  • Bore x Stroke is 44.5 mm x 41.6 mm
  • Carburetion is Mikuni VM24SS
  • The Compression Ratio is 8.4:1
  • The Transmission is 6-Speed
  • The Frame Type is semi double cradle, high tensile steel
  • Size of Front Tire is 60/100 x 14
  • Overall width is 29.9 ins
  • Wheelbase is 44.1 ins
  • Ground Clearance is 12 ins
  • Color: Kawasaki Green
  • The legend of the Kawasaki dirt bike was born in 1963 when the B8M Motocrosser was introduced. This racing machine would end up blitzing many of the key motocross tournaments within Japan at that time. The long running motocross KX series would evolve from these earlier racing bikes.

    A Kawasaki dirt bike sale

    The 65cc two-stroke problem.

    Are you on the market for a really great dirt bike? Have you considered getting a Kawasaki 65cc Dirt Bike?

    Kawasaki 65cc Dirt Bike KX 65

    Kawasaki has long been known for the quality bikes it produces.

    The Kawasaki 65cc Dirt Bike has a two-stroke internal combustion engine, the front brakes are hydraulic and the rear brakes are standard disc brakes. The bike is so light that it only weighs approximately 132 pounds and as you can see, it is built to be exceedingly fast.

    The Kawasaki 65cc Dirtbike is so popular you may have trouble finding it in a regular bike shop. Many private owners have the bike and if you are willing to pay the price they are asking, you can become the proud new owner of a Kawasaki 65cc Dirt Bike.

    You can find people who are selling the bike on many classified sites such as eBay and craigslist. You may also want to check your local newspaper as well to find the best prices and deals.

    used kawasaki dirt bike

    A cheap Kawasaki sale for any dirt biker should be an ideal situation. The used kawasaki dirt bike is a great bargain and there should be many around. But don’t be ruled just by cost – be sure it’s not only in good condition, but is fine for your riding style as well.

    Kawasaki super shock dirt bike

    There is of course the Kawasaki super shock dirt bike, a superb toy for any kid, ok it doesn’t have a 65cc engine – but you’d know we’d be lying if we said it had.

    kawasaki super shock dirt bike

    Nope it has a 12 volt battery which is reported to last for a FULL 14 hours of use. Comes with realistic engine sounds and weighs 65 pounds – it’s an un-tippable bike with its cool-style stabilisers n’ stickers on each side.

    If you want your kids started on the “Kawasaki brand” early in life – try this bike. By the time they’re ready for a real team green motorbike, or perhaps a 65cc off-road kawa bike, they can look back on this toy bike with fondness.


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