List of extreme sports fmx.

Unconventional MotoX bikers.

Browsing a list of extreme sports fmx is like getting a dose of pure adrenaline, which is probably what an actual extreme biking enthusiast would feel.

list of extreme sports fmx extreme motorsports

Some new extreme sports show more stunts than every famous action movie combined. In fact, there are more hazards and extremes of fmx and motox now MORE than ever, particularly in the area of dirt biking.

If someone did an extreme sports movie of high jumps, it would probably include a lot of the FMX motorsports that we know right now, and we can ADD to that dirt biking and arena racing.

But still, so many people are into the latest extreme sport for mud jumping, which may be due to the fact that there are more thrill seekers nowadays than ever.

If a person is looking for information on extreme sports, it is inevitable that he or she would find a list of extreme sports fmx stunts at the top of the pile. The history of Xtreme sports is not too difficult to figure out.

Some adrenaline junkie must have found out how much more a person can push his limits in a particular sport and simply created a trend out of it.

A list of extreme dirt bike sports broadly speaking, would be : -

  • Freestyle motocross (FMX)
  • Supercross (SX)
  • Arenacross (AX)
  • Conventional Motocross (MX or MotoX)
  • Red bull X-fighters
  • Jumping and stunting bike shows
  • Amateur Pitbike racing
  • Plus the many national and international motocross & FMX events around the world.
  • Excessive riding wins fans.

    new extreme sports extreme biking

    Anyone but the most eager extreme motorsports enthusiast would cringe when watching videos that show how new riders deal extreme danger on pitbikes & motocross bikes.

    Before I got to see a list of extreme sports fmx, I thought that the Supercross racers are the ultimate in riding. However, I soon realized that the real stars of the future, and the most daring riders can be found in an Arenacross Series.

    One can say that these AX riders can handle the extreme curves on a dirt bike track because they’re extremely eager to perform and be noted as the best up-and-coming riders in the world.

    Many still aren’t at the top tier, so they are bound to show off more often. Which is great for us spectators.

    Making a List of Extreme Sports FMX Riders.

    A list of extreme sports fmx would include many great riders and the reason they are willing to attempt, design and perfect so many tricks. Clifford Adoptante, The Flyin' Hawaiian, was born in Honolulu. He started competing in 1986.

    The Cliffhanger is one of his best moves, showing off his skill, agility and balance. He is also known for inventing the Cordova Trick in 1997, although it has been modified several times since then.

    Then you have Tommy Clowers, also known as Tom Cat, born in San Diego and a competitor since he was 8 years old. Not everyone can pull off the Cannon-ball like he can! Okay, to be fair, not everyone wants to try.

    Brian Deegan carries the nicknames Mulisha King Pin or Mulisha General and definitely belongs on the list of extreme sports FMX. This pro freestyle rider, born in Omaha, started competing at age 17. The Vertical Superman spells finesse when done by Deegan. He is a multiple X Games medal winner and a Global RallyCross champion. Hey, speed and challenges happen in vehicles, too.

    Travis Pastrana, a Pro Rider born in Annapolis, has been competing since a young age. Why not be a pro on upside down tricks, like the back flip heel clicker? Travis makes it look too easy.

    Also on the list of extreme sports FMX is pro rider Ronnie Renner. Born in Leesburg, Florida, he also started competing young. Renner set a world record in 2007 for step-up, launching himself 35 feet 6 inches and breaking a record that had stood for years.

    Another world record in 2008 was set by rising 59 feet 2 inches off a quarterpipe. His death-defying trick, the Kiss of Death, says it all. Energy, talent, skill, balance and guts - they compose the action in extreme sports fmx.

    Best of the Best Freestyle Motocross Tricks

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