Me and my mini moto

Having your own bike – nothings sweeter.

Are you telling people about Me and My mini moto ? or are you yet to own one? To own your own mini moto is better than great; if you have been a fan for a while and have been shopping around, you now (hopefully) have the bike you have always wanted.

If your engaged on forums you can post pics of your pride and joy under “my mini-moto” or similar headings. If you’re a youngster it maybe your first engined vehicle, have fun and take your time getting used to the mini bikes controls and power.

To say "this is my mini moto" is a brilliant thing, and hopefully for many years to come too - you'll never forget your first bike.

me and my mini moto

Mini moto mayhem can be a cheap alternative to the normal full scale honda MX bike weekends. The much smaller mini bike is not just resigned for kids riding. Many adults find mini motocrossers a cheap alternative and they can be packed away in a regular car – no need for trailers and expensive hitches. Indeed you can do some comparisons in regards to prices, like i do with me and my mini moto - most dirtbike shops will have exactly what you need – for both bikes and accessories, as the mini pitbike is a popular purchase.

mini dirt bike mx helmet

If you are considering mini bike racing be sure a local track with good pitbike layouts will accommodate your bike - will me and my mini moto be ok - you should be asking?

Plus is there sufficient interest localy in the smaller mini rides that you actually have people to race against. You'll look a bit lonely on your pitbike if everyone else is on full sized dirtbikes.

In most cases because pitbikes make dirtbiking accessible, there will be certain days at tracks that will allow pit bikers to run free.

Although mini motorbikes are cheap, you need to start spending. Do pay out for dirtbike helmets and quality motoX clothing, it saves ruining your casual wear on a muddy circuit & keeps you safe. With the improved lifan engine nowadays on quality chinese mini bikes, the power is phenomenal on lots of models. Cool plastics and substantial off road tyres make the sport a growing one. Ok would you like to know what types of dealers sell these bikes? Of course you would............

Let’s get on the web with our mini enduro compass and check out those sales.

The Proline and the Superstomp

Bikes ..bikes….and more…bikes…. sprang up straight away, to find me and my mini moto some interesting stuff; with a number of off road and on road two wheeled bikes. They have a Proline Range, with a ride called a “Proline 160cc” which has 19.5 bhp and priced from £699.99.

49cc bike dirt mini

The range itself consists of 140cc, 150cc and 160cc dirt bikes which should suit most pockets and abilities. Also in the stores stable of products is a DX 110 Mk3 PROLINE bike for £339.99.

With 10 bhp, a quality built frame and masses of torque all through the bikes rev range this looked amazing. It should be a hit with kids bike buyers and ideal as a special present for a lucky child on their birthday?

Then they can shout about me and my mini moto from the rooftops. had a number of mini dirtbikes, with offroad tires - ready to race. A model called a Superstomp 110 came in at £470. Inclusive of its lifan engine, alloy triple clamps, SDG hubs and KMC chain. For more money a Superstomp 125-K was offered for £550. Touted as easier to ride, and with a bigger feel thus giving the suspension better workability. A Lifan 125cc engine, improved ignition and chromoly steel frame makes this bike something special for the money. delivered a number of options for me and my mini moto too. A 110cc 4 stroke Dirt Bike for £299, and a 125cc Pro-Pit Bike coming in at £309 with a more professional looking 125cc pit Bike on sale at £319. Other ranges were available as well, its a case of coming back frequently to snap up a good deal.

Superstomp 110 cc pitbike minibike

Ebay is our final pick of the day for me and my mini moto - and the bargains kept coming in. A Kids Childs Midi Moto Scrambler was on sale for £99.99 plus £40 shipping.

This was a 50cc model, and had new plastics similar to the famous crf 50 pitbikes (in fact it looked like a CRF). Another 50cc FYM childs motocross bike was being sold for £250. And finally a non branded (used), scrambler "PW50 style" bike was showing a bid of £77 with only a day to go.

Descriptions and feedback were excellent on all the motoX ads above, and lots of quality images were shown, which is critical on deciding whether to buy or not.

One advert even had a series of videos, which was an excellent idea, and a link to youtube for more vids of the pitbike should you want them.

With ebay being so massive today - as your now able to buy thor motoX clothing, pink girls MX helmets and even a replica ducati mini moto if you so wish. We could have spent hours looking for cool cut price mini dirtbikes and jumping pitbikes. While there have never been any motoX deaths (that we know of) on such mini bikes – it is important to wear all the safety gear and a motocross helmet is essential.

A mini dirt bike sale

If you DO have a mini Yamaha bike like a PW50, you have both quality and reliability at your fingertips for the most demanding rider. If you can buy one in a local sale, or online you won’t be disappointed. Perhaps if your just starting out the 49cc dirt bike should be an ideal choice, and keep to quality brands first - which will cut down on fixing time – and more time for me and my mini moto.

bike dirt mini sale

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