Mini bike frames

Make sure your frame is undamaged.

The important part of any mini bike is the mini bike frames. This is critical as it holds the bike together and of course you don’t want to see any breaks in it.

free advice checking mini dirt bike frames

If there has been any welding carried out, ask the seller why? and if it was normal wear and tear or has the bike been badly abused?

Many mini-bike frames come in all kinds of designs based on the bike and what it’s built to do.

Manufacturers make them out of all types of materials so you may require a light weight aluminium frame or a sturdy steel frame, this again depends on the amount of punishment or speed you require from your moto-bike frames.

Mini bike frames

The dirt bike frame is soooo important.

Understanding Mini Bike Frames

Mini bike frames are an essential part of your bike. What you are going to find is that there are a number of styles you can choose from and each of them is going to be essential in different circumstances. It is important that you take a few moments to review this information and consider how it can help you.

To begin the process of determining which frame is going to be right for you, it will be important that you consider what you need to do. For example, the mini bike frames you look at might need to have a bit more support or suspension if you are going to be doing heavy tricks with it. Along with that, each of the different frames is going to need special care too.

mini bike frames mini dirtbike

What you are going to find with these frames is that there are a series of shapes and weights that can be used.

Typically, the mini bike frames you find will be different than the larger chopper bike frames; that are commonly found on the Harley.

Obviously, this type of bike will be mirrored towards the full sized bikes (dirt or otherwise), with its own unique stresses and strains. Also do be aware you can buy mini chopper bike frames too – though this type of motorbike isn’t built for dirt trails and ticks so much.

Once on the dirt bike, the frame SHOULD be able to handle impacts and weight that can often impact the bike on a regular basis. So to compensate for this, there are tighter welds and a lightweight frame used on many mini dirtbikes.

This lighter frame is designed to ensure that the bike can reach better heights and complete some of the more complex tricks that it might be used for.

The Mini dirt bike backbone

The details of mini dirt bike frames.

dirt bikes mini

Typically, the bike frame that you find will be broken down into two parts.

The main triangle and the rear swingarm, the former is designed to ensure that you are able to pivot your bike, while the latter is designed to ensure that you are able to maneuver better in the process.

Keep in mind that when you are looking over your options, durability is going to be essential as is regular maintenance. You are going to find that if you let the frame go unchecked from wear and tear it could potentially have some negative results.

Above all, you need to be sure that the mini bike frames you choose from can handle the roads and the trails as well. That will mean you need to ensure your suspension is working and that you are prepared to make any adjustments as needed. The process isn't complicated at all and for most riders, a universal setup can be most effective for them.

As you consider these options, remember that the combination of weight and aerodynamics are going to be just as important too, get this right - and you’ll be doing fantastic tricks and riding with the winners at the front.

Used minibike frames are often a great bargain, but you really have to be nit-picky and check those welds (are they all solid?). So do go and see the potential frame in person, and get the frame out in the daylight where you can see the motorbike frame clearly, and any hair-line fractures. – warts n all.

If you aren't sure on your riding needs (or confident about buying used mini-bike frames), you can always buy from a professional company. They will break down what you’re going to do, and perhaps even build you a frame better than your original idea? But don’t expect this to be cheap – however if you’ll be putting yourself in danger, or racing a lot – a bespoke frame will be a worthwhile investment.

New Old Frame Finds

The electric minimoto dirt bike

Your mini dirt bike needs to be sturdy, if its gas powered - to take the jarring bumps and grinds on the dirt tracks. But the electric mini bike, should be less of a concern. A small child (for whom most of these tiny motor bikes are aimed at) – shouldn’t be doing any MX free-styling any time soon, so the plastic & metal frames on these electric bikes, will be just fine.

However if you are buying these motorised toys "used". It’s still best just to give the ride a once-over glance to make sure there is no substantial damage of any sort on the rides mini bike frames.

bike dirt electric minimoto

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