Mini bike USA

American excitement = GO USA.

The mini bike usa motos, have always been popular in America. Riders from the states have always been innovative and wanted new methods of thrill seeking.

american usa mini dirt bikes

The Mini bike USA scene involves the fans, and always seems to push the fun element due to the Americans love of the new.

Mini bike tracks are always great social occasions and fan sites and forums usually advertise meets throughout the whole country. There is no one American fan that could be categorised, they come from all social strata, but the one thing that brings them together is the love of the mini bike.

American dirt bikes & pocket bikes.

Mini Bike USA

Mini dirt bikes are an eclectic mix, and really offer something for everyone.

Mini bike usa

Typically, you are going to find that these bikes will start within the couple of hundred dollar range and then get into the thousands when you get into the top of the line models.

Some Great Choices

When you are looking for a mini bike USA riders are going to like all kinds of bikes – so lets begin with a goodie. One of the brands you might want to consider will be Blata. With this company, the most popular choice is going to be the Elite 13 series. Ranging between $1,500 and $3,500 and comes complete with a water cooled 2 cylinder engine that will be able to handle the different levels of power.

What many people tend to find is that this is one of the safer bikes on the market, thanks to the front and rear disc brakes it comes with. Along with that, the power comes in at 12.700 RPM and the torque at 12.000 RPM.

usa Minicross X3R Polini dirtbike

Another brand that some people might like will be Polini. One of their most popular models is going to be the Minicross X3R.

This is a fast and very user friendly model that uses an advanced engine to help ensure the bike can maintain safety, while remaining lightweight and keeping the average user safe in the event of a potential accident.

Of course, there are other brands that most riders do like as well. These include BMS, Gem, GRC and Vottorazi.

What you will want to do is to look over the options you have for each of these companies and determine what you can afford and which of their models are going to provide you with the most effective mini bike USA bikers will enjoy exploring with.

The USA mini dirt bike

Where to race those new dirt bikes ?


mini bike dirt

One of the most popular courses that people will often race around will be the USA international raceway. For most people, this is going to be a fun and effective course that offers the chance to hit top speeds and explore the tracks that the professionals ride.

While high performance models are going to be the best match for this course, you are going to find that other bikes can prove to be effective too. (Do also check before going - they accept mini dirtbikes - as rules always change.)

Sandy Hook Raceway is another one of the options people will have for an effective raceway choice on their Mini bike usa moto. Based in Maryland, this is a great place where you can explore the track and get a feeling for racing your favorite bike as well. Just keep in mind that the track may be restricted at times, so you will want to be sure that you keep the basics in mind.

There are going to be a number of MX circuits out there for you when you are considering some of the options that you will have for the mini bikes USA riders have available to them.

In fact, as you get into some of the better brands, you are going to find that you have better control and are able to do considerably more with each of your mini bikes that you have. Just make sure that any bike or track you consider going to, you take the time to learn all about it in advance. That way, you can take a sensible approach to each of them.

Wow - great stunt on a minbike.

Mini dirt bike parts

What ride are you thinking about ? a panterra mini dirt bike ? or maybe a Yamaha mini Moto crosser? Well whatever you’re going to buy, MX parts will have to be bought at some point. Of course the small Yamaha motocross bike will be fine, but the panterra ? Well we’ll leave that for you to guess.

Mini bike usa dealers should be able to order or supply a lot of the Japanese mini MX spares and accessories – not just new but a lot of the classic stuff too. Straying into buying unusual (even rare) mini bikes, can get you admiring glances. But parts buying could be a complete nightmare.

mini dirt bike parts

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