Mini bikes

Considered for the Mini fanatic only.

Mini bikes have become increasingly popular with people of all ages. The fun element cannot be denied, and combine this with great prices and the storage of such mini moto’s is very easy, even those living in a small flat.

The manufacturers do provide great models, and are almost scaled down replicas of the real thing. These bikes can produce fantastic power and the ranges available for tarmac or dirt track are superb. They can seem a little awkward to ride for the beginner, due to the position you sit in, but take your time, and you should be fine.

mini bikes for kids

Have you considered mini bikes instead of full-size motorcycles?

Many motorcycle enthusiasts have discovered the joy of buying minibikes rather than full-size bikes. While minibikes aren't for everyone, they're definitely a viable alternative to standard motorcycles.

What's the history of Minibikes?

Before minibikes were rolled off assembly lines, they were built in motorcyclists' garages in the late 1950s. Then in 1960, "Rod and Custom" was likely the first periodical to mention the new motorcycle sport that was becoming increasingly popular in the USA: the minibike.

These mini bikes had definitely become the latest craze. Soon, certain companies began manufacturing minibikes exclusively. Some of them included Fox, Gibson, Rupp, and Taco. Minibikes were also often manufactured by companies that also produced power toys, so it wasn't surprising that the go-kart's popularity increased simultaneously with the minibike's popularity.

Are minibikes toys or motorcycles?

This is certainly a valid question if you're considering the purchase of mini bikes. While minibikes are smaller than full-size motorcycles, they should never be classified or referred to as "power toys."

In fact, while some minibikes can't surpass speeds of 10 miles-per-hour (mph), others can attain speeds of 80 mph! Whenever one rides minibikes, it's crucial to wear proper safety equipment, and to adhere to safe riding techniques-just as one should use when riding a full-size motorcycle.

Are minibikes legal?

The laws regarding minibikes vary from country-to-country, and often from region-to-region within those countries. However, it's generally illegal to ride minibikes on public roads and highways.

mini dirt bike 110cc small motocross bike

Besides issues such as having smaller engines than full-size motorcycles, minibikes typically also lack many of the safe features required of all street-ready motorcycles. So if you're planning on buying mini bikes, you should likely be prepared to use it exclusively for off-road riding.

What are some buying tips for mini bikes?

Here are some helpful tips for buying the right minibike for your needs-at the right price:

1. Do your homework

You don't necessarily need to earn a degree in mechanical engineering, before buying a minibike. That said, you should learn some of the basics of minibikes, such as information regarding the types, engines, and so on.

For example, learn the difference between a mini-mono, and a mini-chopper. Do some reading about the difference between two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Completing enough research before you start shopping for a minibike, will help to make your search as effective as possible.

2. Shop around

Interestingly, the R&B group The Miracles gave us this advice via their hit "Shop Around" in the same year that a periodical likely first used the term "minibike." Well, shopping around is just as important about half a century later.

Shopping around will help you not only to find the lowest price, but also the best minibike for your riding needs. After you find a particular make and model that you like, compare prices from at least three stores.

3. Ride a minibike before buying it

This can be challenging to do if you're buying a minibike from the other side of the world. But whenever possible, take the cycle for a spin before you sign on the dotted line. You should particularly do this if you're buying a used model, since it could cause you a ton of headaches later.

4. Get personal and professional referrals

This will definitely help to weed out makes and models that you shouldn't even consider.

Mini dirt bikes – cheap

Cheap mini dirt bikes are always around. These small bikes are fairly inexpensive when bought new; so “used” they are often sold to clear a space, as the child will have outgrown the bike. Good ones have a huge following so don’t hang about if you see a real cheap motorbike that’s a lorded model.

The mini dirt bike is very popular as children’s presents for birthdays and Christmas and you can see why. If you buy one as a surprise, buy a suitable MX helmet and motocross pads to use on the special day and top it up with fuel and test it while the child’s at school. That way when they un-wrap the mini ride – it’s ready to go!

Minimoto freestylers.

dirt mini bike

The Mini pocket dirt bike

mini pocket dirt bike

Speed is surprising on these small dirt bikes. A child will appreciate you going to the trouble of kitting them out.

If you’re playing around in the back garden that’s fine, but try not to be tempted out onto the sidewalks for some faster fun on your mini bikes.

That new bike could get the wrong kind of attention.

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