Mini pocket bikes

The small gas motocross bike.

Mini pocket bikes are bought by a wide range of individuals.

Their ease of storage and the power and excitement of the real thing is an attractive draw. They are fun in many ways and the detailing on them now is amazing. Many pocket bikes are bought for high-days and holidays or weekend run a rounds.

They are cheap too, but then again it depends on how much you wish to accessorize and for what type of quality of bike you wish to have. These bikes have wide appeal and don’t detract from the real thing.

Mini pocket bikes

Motocross the force of the mini

Mini Pocket Bikes, Miniature Models of Their Big Brothers

Whether you're looking for a small bike to tool around your city or short distances in the country or want a bike for a child, you'll find that mini pocket bikes can fill the bill.

These tiny versions of larger motorcycles can be as much fun to ride as their big brother versions but aren't meant for traveling great distances. You can also use the mini pocket bikes as a teaching tool to help your young child learn how to operate a motorcycle or even learn to race. Best of all these fun machines are relatively inexpensive and some may be $400 or lower.

The concept for mini (pocket) bikes may have first come from the pit bikes used by drag racers. These tiny motorcycles were perfect for maneuvering the narrow roads to the pits and provided an alternative method of transportation to the racing pit that was faster.

mini dirt bike for kids

These were homemade and began to catch on when the neighborhood children and parents saw the racer operate them at home between races.

Today there's a large selection of commercial mini pocket bikes available. Each of the mini pockets are designed strictly for fun or racing and they're normally miniature replica's of a larger racing bike or street bike.

While the mini pocket bikes are limited in speed compared to their larger versions, some perform far better than others do. Each mini pocket bike has a different maximum weight capacity for riders so be sure to ask for all specifications before you purchase one.

If you intend to ride the mini pocket bike on the streets, check your local laws first. Some areas don't allow them on the street. If you have a large lot, live way way in the country or intend to ride them on a track, you won't have to worry about the local laws.

Cheap pocket bikes

These bikes now have a place in the world of racing and can provide hours of entertainment as each rider attempts to create new flips and maneuvers on the miniature curves and jumps.

Kids and speed.

You also have a selection of gas operated or electric pocket bikes. While the electric only reach a speed of about 20 miles per hour, they are ideal for children if you want to keep their speed lower until they become accomplished riders.

They also include a vast array of safety equipment to make them even more palatable to parents. If you're planning to ride the bike yourself, consider a gas mini. These types may reach speeds up to 50 MPH. Both types of mini bikes have maximum weight capacities and you'll be disappointed if you're over the recommended capacity.

pocket bikes under 500

The 49cc mini bike is probably the most popular on the market, which means it will be easier to get used parts. The size of the piston is the biggest difference between 49cc bikes and other sizes.

Choosing the best pocket bike depends on how you'll use it and your budget. Even if one bike is far superior to another, if the superior one is close to a thousand and the other is about $200, those with a lower budget might go for the cheaper priced one and add modifications later.

If you're purchasing a bike for a child and safety is an issue rather than speed, you'll also have a different selection. Some of the more popular mini pocket bikes on the market today include the Grand Prix MX3 Pocket Bike, Razor Pocket Rocket and Mplay Mini Pocket Bike.

While the Grand Prix MX3 and Mplay Mini-Pocket bike are great for racing and speed, the Razor is a good starter bike that's both low cost and because it's electric, doesn't go at higher speeds so it's ideal for younger children.

Cool mini motocross bike.

An Electric pocket bike

honda electric pocket bike

Some amazing pocket bikes are now coming onto the market. A 49cc pocket dirt bike is also an option for those preferring the trails to the normal road mini bikes.

One choice for those that don’t want conventional engines is the electric pocket bike, an exciting prospect for any child. These types of pocket bikes are mostly under 500 dollars which isn’t bad value, and make an excellent birthday or Christmas present.

If that’s too much, try eBay and pre-loved items and you can usually half the costs of kiddie’s electric mini bikes. If you do buy electric bikes “used”, see the motor running and have all accessories such as chargers part of the deal.

When you get it home, charge the bike up and content yourself all’s working ok. A non-running bike for a child’s party day isn’t going to go down well.

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