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Motocross action magazine has been around some time. You may consider a subscription as it offers all manner of reviews and advice on the dirt bike sport. For instance you could get some helpful hints on preparing for a motocross race and how to get your pitbike and yourself in perfect condition. Its also online now take a look at -

motocross action

Motorcross action magazine has been a mainstay in the motorcross magazines stable for as long as we can remember. The website for our motorcross action review was at This is a great atv magazine full of pit bike action. It has news, bike tests, features, product reviews and lots of motorcross magazine photos..... is basically a web based motorcross action magazine magazine. Atv action comes thick and fast with bike tests, track guides and bike buyer's guides all packed into this atv connection magazine.

Atv magazines don’t come much better than this. The website has ebay links too, and how to subscribe to the atv sport magazine of course; plus a link for finding back issues.

You can also ask the expert, read the mid-week reports and win Andrew Shorts number plate – when we visited the motocross action site it was available anyway.

classic motocross action magazine covers

Motocross dirt times

A dirt bike magazine subscription sir?

Motocross Action Magazine

When you really want to dive into the world of motocross, you'll need access to high quality information, articles, reviews and more. There are many different websites and publications out there, and one solid choice is Motocross Action.

Motocross Action Magazine April 2011 inc James Stewart

Motocross Action magazine has been around for almost 40 years, so they have been involved with all of this from the start. They aren't a newcomer to the scene.

That means that you can trust what they have to say, you know they will be putting out high quality, informative and interesting features, and ultimately, you can't go wrong with checking out the magazine for yourself.

First of all, Motocross Action happens to be a very appropriate name. That's because the action of the sport and the live events is what brings in so many fans to begin with. Going to a live event is such an experience, and you have to get down there for yourself to really appreciate it.

You have the spectacle of the track itself, and the pure speed and violence of all of those awesome bikes whirling around it. Interacting with all of the other fans is great too, as well as potentially meeting some of the riders and simply checking out all of their gear. And one of the most action packed components of a motocross event will be that unmistakable noise every time a bike or a pack of bikes passes around.

It's something that can't be replaced, although the magazine does do an excellent job covering races, events and other competitions. So you can read up on the latest action and keep up to date with everything, just be sure to go to live events whenever you can.

Information packed dirt bike magazines.

How can a motocross action magazine help?

an old motocross action magazine from 1974

Motocross Action might be most well known for all of their bike reviews and product tests. This is fantastic for dirt bike owners, prospective owners and simply hardcore and devoted fans.

You'll learn about all of the newest models from the biggest brands, and you'll put all the promotion aside to see which ones really perform, and which ones stand apart from the heap.

Learn how to tweak your bike to make it handle better, go faster or be more durable, and learn what to avoid along the way. The magazine is also filled with great feature stories, coverage on some of the personalities in the sport and more. Plus, you don't want to miss some of their awesome photos and their online features as well.

So what is Motocross Action all about? With a 40 year history that speaks for itself, the magazine has a well earned reputation in the industry. They put out a huge number of really detailed and valuable product tests and bike tests, along with technical features etc..etc...

Plus, you'll find a lot of coverage of events and races, including who are the superstars of the sport, at any given time. It's a great way to enjoy some of the action of motocross when you can't head down to an MX event in person.

motocross action magazine covers

Motocross Publications

Other titles from Hi-Torque Publications include... “Dirt Bike”, “Dirt Wheels”, and “ATV Action” an off road adventures magazine. But motocross action is the ONE followed by tons of MX fans.

If you want to research the sport (or indeed more off road magazines and pit bike mags) even more have a look for "transworld motorcross magazine". And if you live down under, many new australasian dirt bike magazines are springing up catering for your every need too.

When owning a motocross dirt bike you need to know a lot of info so you don’t damage the engine or ride. A magazine is ideal for this; which should give you hints and tips on bike care and also help on buying the right stuff for your needs. So whether you’re buying anything from a motocross jersey to a pit bike tire, a dirt bike magazine should be of great benefit to you.

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