Motocross madness demo

Kool n' Keen Komputer games.

The motocross madness demo should be available to you on the web. It’s a great game to develop your hand / eye co-ordination and try some motocross tricks without hurting yourself. Most games do exaggerate reality so don’t be too disappointed if you can't produce the same efforts on the track.

motocross madness demo

Et 2 motocross madness Brute !

Playing the Motorcross Madness Demo on the track.

The Motorcross Madness demo can still be downloaded and played today, even well over a decade after the actual video game title was actually released.

It's an amazing feat that such an old game still garners so much interest, and it also speaks to the lack of new and improved motocross video games which have been developed.

Learn about the game and where you can play the demo online here.....

The first Motocross Madness game was released by Rainbow Studios and Microsoft for PC computers back in 1998. That's a long time ago, and it's still going strong today thanks to the online Motocross Madness demo which is still available.

1998 mx madness dirt bike game

There certainly are not that many video games which have had that kind of run and longevity, and it's a testament to the game's quality, it's graphics and the overall fun and entertainment it provided.

In addition to the Motocross Madness demo still available for play today, you can also download and play a trial demo of the follow-up title, Motocross Madness 2. This was released in 2000 and was hailed as one of the best games of the year for the computer.

It featured much improved graphics, online game play capabilities and tons of exciting features. It really set the bar pretty high for motocross gaming, perhaps so much so that nothing else on its level has really been attempted and executed since.

Motocross tricks

Go and download motocross madness – you know you want to.

motocross madness demo mx madness 1998

Either way, the Motocross Madness demo is still available today, and it's amazing how popular it remains! The motocross madness download can be downloaded from Microsoft's gaming website directly, as well as a number of other outlets.

For example, has it available for download, as does CNet. Not only does CNet have it for download, but as of right now it has it ranked as #13 in the sports games download category. Again, that's simply an amazing fact for a title that was released 13 years ago.

If you're looking for tips and cheats for the game, there are plenty available to find online. You'll find ways to get special capabilities, or great bikes and riders, hidden tracks and more.

motocross madness 2 mx game play

Not all of the cheats or unlockable features are available in the trial version, but there's a lot there and a lot you can take advantage of. The demos overall feature a lot of what you can find in the real game, so you'll get a great taste of it, and you'll be able to keep yourself occupied for quite some time.

Whether you played the Motocross Madness game when it first came out 13 years ago and you want to relive its greatness and the fun you had, or you never heard of the game before and want to give it a chance now, you should absolutely go check out the Motocross Madness demo, for both the first and second titles.

You can download it from a number of reliable sources free of cost, and you'll get to enjoy some great, fun game play, realistic graphics and more.

Motocross Madness [1998]

Kawasaki fantasy motocross

Kawasaki Komputer games.

Motorcross madness is a great computer game and well worth a go. In a way it’s the opposite of “kawasaki fantasy motocross” (a terrible game)!

kawasaki fantasy motocross

Reviews find this game frustrating, claustrophobic & erratic and where-as many games offer options like building a riders skills, banking cash and having an overall skilled objective – this game offers none of that.

Graphics are not really up to par, and even though this has the Kawasaki brand on it, AND it was released in March 29, 2001 – you’d be better playing motocross madness which was released a few years earlier.

Just goes to show, newer does not necessarily mean better.


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