Motocross mania

Real or virtual dirtbikes?

Motocross mania is a classic & loved computer game, which has excellent graphics and is adored by many youth n' adult players.

motocross mania

A MX Mania review on the whole saga.

The Mania for Motocross Games

The Motocross Mania games for computers and video game systems have now been around for over a decade.

That's quite a long history, and some motocross enthusiasts will either be disappointed at the games and their progress or lack thereof, or happy that it has such a long history. Learn more about the video game series here and decide for yourself whether or not you may want to check them out.

As it stands today, there have been three MotoX Mania games released. The first was released in 2000, and was out for the PC computer or for PlayStation.

motocross mania 1 playstation video game

It kind of followed in the footsteps of the Microsoft-backed Motocross Madness series, and that game originally debuted in 1998. A lot of the same styles of play and features were included here.

The sequel to the first game, MotoX Mania 2, was released in 2003. This was made just for the PlayStation. Then, the third and final game in the series was released in 2005, and it was for either the Xbox or the PlayStation 2 systems. Some of the games also became available on the PSP, or PlayStation Portable handheld gaming device.

When the first in the series was released, people were just happy to have another option for a motocross video game. It was a great way to get more involved with a sport or hobby that they already were interested in, and it also represented the mainstream growth of the sport.

You can't have a video game about something that people don't care about, after all. So it was definitely a good thing.

Dirtbike & motocross games

A game just for maniacs - motocross mania 3 ?

motocross 2005

But the sequels largely disappointed as time went on. The graphics improved to match the newer systems, but the game play always seemed to struggle.

The different game modes weren't always great, and some of the features and options weren't very cohesive or easy to work with either. Critics basically bashed the third game, ( motocross mania 3 playstation 2 / xbox ) and it got some terrible reviews on some of the major gaming websites and magazines.

motocross mania 3 xbox game

That being said, fans and players liked the game more than the critics did.

That doesn't mean that anybody thought the game was great, but it seemed like actual motocross fans and gamers had enough enjoyment from the game to maybe rate it a 5 or 6 out of 10, while critics all had it more in the 3-4 out of 10 range.

There was clearly a good enough foundation for the Motocross Mania games to spawn a series with two follow up titles, and enough interest to keep on producing those games. However, they never really got developed as much as they should have, and in many respects, they dropped the ball when it came to representing the sport and lifestyle.

The doors are wide open right now and motocross fans and gamers have been craving a new title for the latest systems, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. Which developer will be able to come in and make a realistic, fun and exciting motocross game? We'll have to wait and find out.

Motocross nationals beckon?

If mx video games like this get you fired up - You can go one stage further and start real dirt biking! If so; you'll need to be rigged out in motocross apparel. These vary from high quality, new branded items such as shift or fox. But ebay also offer used clothing and there is an increasing number of non-branded but still durable items for sale.

You could go for specific rides such as used honda dirt bikes. Some of these used bikes offer incredible value from new dirtbikes, but they need a thorough check-over for damage. If you become proficient enough you might end up in the motocross nationals – and you can tell your opponents, it all started because of a computer game you once played.

motocross nationals


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