Motocross motocross !

Dirt Bike Design Changes of the 60s and 70s.

The repeated term of motocross motocross is an excellent way to identify dirt bike design changes during the 1960s and 1970s. Better balance? Parts that last longer? Less weight? Manufacturers were seldom concerned about those features. Gaining a leading edge in the market was the primary goal.

vintage 1967 Honda CL90 motocross bike

Honda introduced the fun of riding small motorcycles on the unpaved roads across rural America. Honda Scramblers introduced overhead cam 4 stroke engines in 1967's CL90 and 1969's CL70.

A 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic clutch on a fast, durable dirt bike kept the popularity without much change until the last CL70 rolled off the line in 1982.

Japan's Yamaguchi Company was one of the other companies that wanted to establish a market in the U.S. It struck a deal with Pacific Basin Trading Company, a subsidiary of Farm Chemicals of Oregon. PABATCO began by importing the 49cc and 80cc bikes early in the 1960s. Yamaguchi succumbed to the extreme challenge of motocross motocross that flooded the States.

Hodaka was providing the engines for the bike. It agreed to build the bike, as well. Using the British offroad racing Cotton for an example, Hodaka used triangulation to stiffen the frame. More cubic capacity livened up the engine. Four speeds instead of three was adopted. Production started in 1964 and resulted in the Ace 90, which weighed about 170 pounds. Street legal, it also excelled in the dirt with great handling and performance.

By then, upgrading and accessorizing motocross motocross bikes was gaining popularity. Hodaka made the taillight a bit brighter and upgraded the rear tire. In 1968, the Ace 100 was released with a 98cc single-cylinder engine capable of hitting 7500 RPMs. Five gears and stronger rear shocks made it an impressive offroad dirt bike while remaining street legal.

Harley Davidson tried to compete, but did not look like a dirt bike. Japanese bikes, made of steel, were too heavy. British imports, though well-built, were heavy. Husqvarna produced an excellent, but expensive, dirt bike. With few changes in design, motocross caught on. Changes today keep the sales numbers up for this very popular sport.

Dirtbiking fans - roll up…..roll up!.

Motocross motocross the fans cry! And no wonder with so much popularity in this sport. There is no doubt the online motocross forums and websites have helped clubs and tracks get their word out. Both fans and riders can now find what they want with regards to buying helmets & other motocross bargains; to tips on how to look after a dirt bike.

motocross motocross

From the tg motorcross game to suzuki bike parts its all part of the wonderful world of motocross motocross!

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The olden days....

The Early Days of Motocross Motocross.

The sport of motocross motocross had its origins in the UK in the early part of the twentieth century. Back then it used to be called ‘scrambles'.

The term ‘motocross' is derived from the word ‘cross-country' with the French word ‘moto'. This sport is an all terrain motorcycle race ridden on off-road or dirt tracks that can be rocky, slushy, hilly or muddy routes with uneven rides and sharp turns.

classic motocross race

Motocross was possibly initiated at the Southern Scott Scramble that was held back in 1924. By the 1950s the sport witnessed rapid progress with its new structuring and formalization.

In 1952 the International Motorcycling Federation or FIM initiated the European Championships which used 500 cc motorcycles. This would be the turning point within motocross racing history, and by 1957 was upgraded to a World Championships status.

For the most part of the 1950s racing was witnessed within the MX3 category. The Motocross World Championships were won by Belgian racers in 1952, 1953 as well as 1954 but by the latter part of the 1950s they were taken over by British participants. In 1957 though, the winner was Swedish racer Bill Nisson.

Rapid growth of motocross motorcross took place during the 1950s era and it witnessed the conception of new structures, a formalization of the events as well as a brand new passion for this extremely adventurous sport.

MX fever ? Here are a few Dirtbike videos for you.

Here below we have some free videos, of the KLX450R kawasaki sport bike and the CRF450X Honda. You can cross reference any bike you’re thinking of buying with magazines and online forums, from riders that have had experience of riding them.

It’s the only way to buy a bike you’re going to know will suit your style.

Awesome Berserk 2 Motocross Dirt Bikes trailer. Insane!

Kawasaki KLX450R - Dirt Bikes

Honda CRF450X Off Road Motorcycle Review

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