Motocross racing tips

Why Motocross Racing Tips are Important.

It is the day before the big race and you are feeling pretty pumped up with the results of recent practice. Having glanced through the motocross racing tips once or twice, you are fairly certain everything is covered.

the best Motocross Racing Tips

Your body feels ready for the jostling and challenge of beating everyone out of the gate and making it successfully through the entire course.

The track has been walked and any particular trouble spots noted. On a scale of one through ten, you know you are off the charts. You own this race!

Then reality sets in as you remember it is time to take another look at the bike. As you look at different MX blogs, talk with MX dealers, riders at the track, and even listen to yourself when giving motocross racing tips to others, you notice one thing. Suggestions and guidelines are very similar. In fact, sometimes it seems as if the list will never end. So what ends up being the most needed tips for getting a dirt bike ready for a local or important race?

Basic Maintenance

The only magic in basic maintenance is that it keeps you in the race while others suffer because they did not check the oil, start with a clean air filter or adjust the chain. While you take the lead in the first corner, they are sliding and fighting for control because they did not adjust tire pressure or choose the right tread for that particular track. The familiar routine of cleaning and maintaining your bike before and after you use it is going to pay off during a race. Clean engines run efficiently and deliver the power you request.

Know Your Bike

One of the best motocross racing tips you can give to anyone is to really know your dirt bike. Every one of them has some quirk to address, whether riding for fun or competition. It can vary from model to model or be a result of a modification you have done. The important thing is to check for those problems before heading to the race track and taking care of them immediately.

If the engine is prone to valve wear and failure, make that one of the first things to examine. Motocross racing tips that can keep you in the race include checking for and repairing frame stress cracking on steel bikes before race day.

If it has been awhile since you have checked your dirt bike from end to end, make it a priority a few days before a race. That way, if there is a problem, it gives you time to get parts or assistance with a repair. Start by replacing or trimming and grinding broken pieces. Then check the bolts around the seat, number plates, fenders and shrouds to be sure they are tightened securely.

Controls on the handlebars get quite a bit of stress, causing them to shift. Be sure they are positioned correctly. Check fasteners, nuts and bolts to be certain they are tight. Inspect the brake, throttle and clutch cables to verify there are no kinks or frayed ends. Replace any broken shifters and levers you discover. These motocross racing tips will save money by preventing further damage to your bike. In addition, basic maintenance will keep you safe while on the track.

Hints and tips for the race of your life.

Most bikers want motocross racing tips when starting out.

The main thing is to set your own game plan and stick to it, with the roar of the crowds, or even a couple of spectators it can be very distracting. Don’t be put off by what other bikers are doing, as they may even do things to ruin your race.

motocross racing tips

When taking corners the inside line is best, unless there is a huge group already on a bend. If so take the outside line, if there is a possibility of racers getting tangled up – this will be more obvious the more you race.

Our next tip is, jumps are great for showmanship, but the more time your up in the air, the less time you have to race (unless you’re clearing an obstacle), but anything that pushes you forward is your main concern - always.

Riding on offroad parks and centers can be a hazard if you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong. Trails and tracks can make the novice rider slip up, if your unsure how to ride your new sport bikes to the max always ask for help.

It’s true that forums might have some useful tips on how to safely ride that dirt bike. But you don’t know if the forum participants are good riders or merely spectators giving conjecture and hearsay. Don’t work off rumor always work from fact.

A motocross bike is truly awesome so here are some online places to delve into that offer great tips you can use while racing the circuits. has a big list of the 55 Top Tech Tips, about motorcycle dirt bikes and their riders.

Dirt bike riding

Videos of why we do what we do………. has a wealth of free info about tyres, dirt bikes and riding your bike to the limit. Plus tips about bike maintenance and a free "garage" book (if you sign for their e-zine), thats sure to help is on the site as well.

bike dirt power wheels has a number of motocross racing tips pages. From getting the correct tyre to help for those riders performing their first whip. This website has easy to read pages for the newbie MX fan.

Our tip videos below have been filmed so you can become an expert. Of course keep wearing your motorcycle helmet at all times.

So here are some free videos for those wanting motocross racing tips. Maybe you too; will be creating some havoc once you can ride competitively - Get practicing!

Dirt Bike Tips (Cornering).

Trail Riding Tip # 002

Dirtbike Trail Riding Tip # 003

Motocross terrain.

Whatever bike you choose, make sure it fits your body first and foremost. Ideally it will be an engine size or model you have ridden before (or quite close). Then pick a bike that’s fit for the terrain. If your holidaying in the rocky mountains take advice on what types of bikes (& tires) work best on that specific type of environment.

Picking the wrong motorbike will ruin your holiday and you’ll be saddle-sore for weeks afterwards. Use our motocross racing tips to be a better rider.

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