Motocross wallpaper

Set Your Spirit Free with Free Motocross Wallpaper.

It will be hard to keep your mind on work or studies when your computer displays some of the breathtakingly incredible free motocross wallpaper available on the internet. Lose yourself in a scene of a blue Yamaha and its rider coming back to earth from a great jump. That is only one of the offers at

motocross wallpaper

If you just enjoy the great ride of the Kawasaki XK250 and the amazing grip and incredible handling while fighting through the dirt, download that free wallpaper offer.

The vivid blue sky and scattered white clouds are an excellent drop for the dirtbike kicking up roost while taking to the air in a jump. provides a variety of choices for any dirtbike fan.

The quality of the pictures and action on free motocross wallpaper is nothing less than awesome! You can share the fun with family and friends by providing the link or links and mentioning which ones you like the best or made you think of them. A solid hint for a birthday or Christmas present could be wallpaper with the bike of your choice featured in the action.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. has an interesting assortment of free wallpaper designed to describe the thrill of flight on a dirtbike without saying a word. Why not stir up some dirt with a shot of a rider totally eliminating the view of anyone unlucky enough to be riding behind the bike? draws the attention of any consumer with this fast-moving Yamaha handling everything that is thrown its way, an excellent display of skilled rider and performance machinery.

Just added on July 5, 2012 is the image of the MX bike most of us dream about and a few actually acquire. Now everyone can have a Valentino Rossi Ducati MX bike as motocross wallpaper. Another quality picture from, the image verifies the ability of this sport to defy gravity and escape the chains of the earth for at least a few seconds.

Optional links you may like to use to find interesting dirt bike wallpapers. Just copy and paste them into your browser –

Online dirt bike freebies to grab.

Motocross wallpaper can be found on many supercross and MotoX websites. Even the more famous riders have their own free wallpapers on offer to download.

dirt bike wallpaper on a laptop computer

Some are even featured desktop wall-papers; such as motocross girls or particular famous models of dirt bikes such as the Husqvarna.

Don’t forget when surfing the internet; sites displaying motocross info can be ideal for picking up a free background.

Dirt bike wallpaper for your PC or laptop, can be a beautiful addition to keep your riding alive while you relax and browse the web at home.

Motorcycle wallpaper is usually free online; depicting a dirt bike race or perhaps your favourite honda or ktm motorcycle.

We burnt our wheels online, to find some great spots on the net for large pics (that can be used as backgrounds), and motorbike racing wallpapers. If your saying "i like dirt bikes" and want this type of freebie then follow us............ was our first site, that have mighty fine vehicle wall papers which include MotoX. They have some MySpace layouts and backgrounds with offroad bikes on them. The images are presented in thumbnails, which can be expanded to full size, if you have a favourite yamaha image - for instance, thats easy to find in their gallery.

Also dont overlook motorbike forums and "google images" for free / cheap dirt bike wallpaper. came next, they have a whole section of wall paper for MX, featuring riders getting some real mud baths! Thumbnails are again set out for you, plus clear instruction on how to download and use the motocross and offroad backgrounds; this helps in getting the perfect picture on your PC or laptop without any fuss.

Pit Bike wall paper.

The finishing touches to a bedroom. has Pit Bike Wallpapers and Wallpaper Albums, from KTM to Yamaha Dirt Bikes. Plus has numerous Desktop Patterns for lovers of the MX motorbike. Sizes are from 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024, complete with brilliant instructions for Windows 95/98 (and above) and Macintosh machines.


Now what if your child wants a dirt bike theme for their bedroom? Some real motorcross wallpaper we mean - thats available too! Take in the power and offroad tire action from

To give your kids room the dirtbike ambience, what about a featured gift accesory? you can buy a Red motocross wallpaper border for $20.29 or a Black wallpaper border for $18.19.

We must stress we could only find "borders" and not full sized rolls of patterned motocross wallpaper, but you might find that too overpowering anyway. But compatible rolls of paper could be combined with this cool set of motorcycle borders, to give an excellent touch for a childs bedroom.

Although motocross wallpaper can be awkward to find, ebay also had a few solutions. Again there was a checker border for sale at around £9.50. And some pretty decent ¼” borders of action riders, selling for around £16.00 (inc. postage) – that would get you a 15 foot long roll. If you matched that with some green or subdued conventional wallpaper, this would really give a focal point in any bedroom.

No need to get stuck in the mississippi mud anymore, if you want bedroom wall paper or freebie backgrounds for your computer - any rider should be happy with these websites.

Pointers on Kids wallpaper

motocross clothing for kid

Free motocross wallpaper for your laptop or computer are easily found.

Use the keywords “wallpaper and wall paper” (dont forget that space) - and then the words "motocross, dirt bike, off road" and indeed MX, to make sure you haven’t missed any amazing pictures on an image search.

Most are free, and some real great ones you may have to pay a few dollars for. Are they worth it? Only you can decide, but really I would only spend out on a wallpaper if I was keeping it for a darn long time.

Freestyle FMX – are the most popular which won’t surprise you, but race action and famous riders are right up there with the top motocross wallpaper choices.

The internet makes searching for your elusive wallpaper a whole lot easier, and heck if you really can’t find what you want – make your own! All the software is out there and a lot of it is free as well.


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