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Joining the Excitement of Motorcross Action.

Have you been thinking of ways to get involved with motorcross action so you fit in with others around the neighborhood? There are some basic techniques and skills that help a person understand what others are talking about. Learning safety and listening to others also helps master the special language that identifies riders. There are other ways for a person to have fun while getting a grasp on what is essential to know.

motorcross action

Help repair any kind of motorized bike so you can recognize various parts by name. Listening to someone describing the experience they had changing a filter will mean more if you have a similar experience. The same goes for adjusting brakes or applying decals to the fender. Talk to the mechanics or floor people, who are usually quite friendly and glad to share their wisdom with a new rider.

It is important to your safety and the safety of others to learn how to handle a bike. Although reading books and watching videos help any person become better established in motorcross action, there are steps to take to help you improve before getting discouraged and quitting.

Ask others and check around to see if there are any inexpensive or free riding courses in your area. Hands-on training from experienced instructors helps you learn safety maneuvers and good riding hints.

Chose a bike that is easy to handle until you are used to the power and handling. One advantage of so many adults riding pocket bikes is that others will feel you are part of the motorcross action that you are still in the process of learning. Crashes, whether large or small, are part of riding.

Minimize problems by riding within your level of experience. Ride with an experienced rider so you are not stuck out on the trail by yourself in the event of a problem. That is just good riding practice, regardless of skill level.

Finally, prove your experience by wearing gear. Gloves, a helmet, boots and a riding outfit are a beginning. Goggles are important. Your face will get sweaty, so be sure they will wick away the moisture. Above all else, enjoy the ride.

Dirt Riding on the ragged edge.

Getting involved in the motorcross action is inevitable but you need to be sure of your skills.

Crashing into the motocross action

Of course having crashes is a possibility too, with so many riders on the track each focused on their own line, you have to be so aware of what you and other competitors could be doing.

If you do have a dirt bike crash a helmet must be worn, although nearly all good clubs won’t let you race without the proper gear and a helmet in any event.

Do you want to get into the motorcross action with your new trail bike or offroad motorcycle? – well its never been easier.

Many used vehicles (& bikes) are in abundance, to get you started in this sport. Most riders of dirtbikes will begin by using a magazine, and where better than -

Here you can read up on motorbike tests, mud nationals & race reports, and check out buyers guides of motorcycles for sale. Plus there are tons of other articles from helmet info to track reviews. Now you can subscribe to this MX magazine from the homepage; but don’t forget all the other sites where you can set this up from.

Such sites include -, and They will all set you up with motorcross action magazines. Be aware that some sites such as can supply a Magazine gift notification card – but this may require the latest Flash player installing.

Other MX subscription websites; such as can get you a saving of 67% on most dirt bike magazines (inc. motorcross action magazine) – so its well worth spending some extra time on the net.

Buying things that’ll take you places.

Now how else can you get involved in the dirt bike action and burn up those michelin tires? Well do check out, they have a fine forum. Great for brushing up on your dirt bike history, getting advice on pitbike security or simply wanting some race info - the fans here should be of help to you.

crashes motorcross has all kinds of motorcross action bikes from 200cc motorbikes to smaller models. Also available are zippy mini motorcycles – if you want to see your kids covered in mud.

But their website boasts of wholesale priced dirt bikes; which is always good news. They might even be cheaper than used motorcycles – you have to decide on that call.

To save all that dried mud on your street clothes, you’ll need to get properly geared up. So where better than two stores we can highly recommend.

First is; who sell lots of motorbike leathers, MX helmets and quality gloves for those wet handlebars on rainy days. True they do have a lot of on-road gear, but MX is catered for as well

The second store is Who offer kids scrambler gear, ATV helmets and some selected items like oil, lube and coolant. Stock changes all the time on these two websites so be a frequent visitor!

Also try the used classifieds at gumtree and ebay, if you need absolute bargains for both bikes and gear, but they may take a bit of diggin’.

You can accessorise your bike as much as you like, and you can spend as much as you want to as well. Lots of spares often merely enhance and improve the performance of the bike, but remember you don’t want to add too much weight!

When you have had enough of a days events, go home and have a rest and think about the next days fun. Relaxing from the buzz & the noise of all the days motorcross action recharges the batteries and gets you focused on tomorrow's training. If you don’t switch off once in a while it can put a dent in your skills.

Motorcross helmets out in the cold.

motorcross helmet

It’s still surprising when you look at youtube clips how many riders forget about a helmet. Often the minibikes are the worst, for riders forgetting about their lids and just messin’ about on their bikes.

I guess the smaller the bike, the more we think of them as toys, and even if we do fall off a grazed knee or arm, is neither here or there.

Off road riding is unpredictable you often can’t see the lumps and bumps - rocks and potholes can be masked by long grass.

We all love action, and dirt biking has plenty. So a helmets there for that split second when things become unpredictable. They aren’t that costly either so what’s the deal?


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