Motorcross and more

Motorcross and more... on a Shoestring.

Join in when your MX friends starts talking about motorcross and more. They are absolutely right when they encourage you to get involved in that sport. You do not have to run out and purchase a Husqvarna TE450. The cost and power are too extreme for a beginner!

The Husqvarna TE450 can be too expensive for the beginner

Rest assured, though, that there are ways to participate on a shoestring and still look good. KTM dirt bikes are great for racing, providing a fast engine, hydraulic clutch and immediate response.

It is a brand to think about in the future. It is a fact of life that MX and wrecks go hand in hand, although thankfully, most of the crashes are small.

Inexpensive Bikes

Mechanically inclined riders save a lot of money by rebuilding a used dirt bike. Read the dirt bike blogs to get an idea of which makes and models are the best, yet affordable, for starting riders. Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda are major companies that are motorcross and more. They manufacture dirt bikes along with a variety of other motorized items.

Finding spare parts for those brands is seldom a problem. Ask around the track and at shops to see if they know of a good bike for sale cheap. Get familiar with prices so you can weed out those asking too much.

Take a knowledgeable friend along when looking at possible bikes.

Elbow grease and time will turn rusty fenders, frames and handlebars into shiny like-new displays. There are some excellent online how-to articles for putting on decals to personalize your bike. Get a seat that is comfortable. Check the footpegs and file down any ragged edges to avoid cuts and tears.


The only reason gear is mentioned so often when talking about motorcross and more is that there are still riders who have not gotten the message about protective riding posture. Get a new DOT approved helmet that fits properly. Look online for a list of gear every rider should wear. Check the items off as you get them. With a small amount of money and lots of time and energy, you will be set to ride.

You want all the bits? Well its motorcross madness.

Motorcross and more information is what fans cry! The latest news, the best bikes and gear plus great advice is the ideal scenario for most dirtbikers. Motorcross pictures are fairly easy to come across of course, google images and photobucket have plenty of pics for your private gallery. It can be a kind of motorcross madness if you’re spending hours online collecting these pictures. So much MORE......motorcross and more to be exact.

motorcross and more

So online you should be able to find honda MX parts, husqvarna motorcycles and even cool used buys, but tracking them down can be a nightmare.

Where could someone find quality bike clothing, or bag a pitbike motorcycle for sale? do you want motorcross and more details?

If you take a journey with us, we can show you some places where dirtbike bargains are - by the bucketfull; see our motorcycle reviews below...........

Once online we stopped off at What we like about this big motorcycle site, is that it not only has clothing and gear for your trails and tracks, but many knick-naks for your MX bike too.

First we’ll start with the obvious stuff like a 2012 FLY Motocross Helmet Bag for $33.26 and a 2011 Thor Circuit Bag – in Black for just around $71.95. This latter bag has large compartments to keep all your gear, built from a mesh construction so your gear can breathe, and the 3 smaller compartments can be broken down into one large bag should you so desire.

They sell gear at closeout prices like a 2012 Shift Revolt Kids Youth Motocross Helmet for $79.95 (in black or green) – and the 12 HJC CL-XY Wanted MC-2 Offroad Youth Helmet in a wide range of colors for $80.99. The knick-naks include grips, gas tank caps, footpegs and tools – such as the Euro Style Track Pack of Bolts for a mouth-watering $19.50. It’s a great site so go visit – or use the link at the top right on our homepage.

Aprilia’s and Kawasaki’s.

You want motorcross and more? Ok - was next; which has tons of used motorcycles for sale. Not auctions; but proper classified's – although you could still contact the sellers and make an offer i guess. Although they do have some old bikes; they are by no means salvage and fit only for spares.

motorcross madness

We uncovered a 2004 Aprilia RX 50 for £800. The bike was in excellent condition, with TAX and MOT all thrown in. The tyres were almost new, and superb for the beginner that needs practice on the mud.

Then we upturned a Kawasaki KLX 125 for $900. Which too could be described as a top bike for a novice. This scrambler had new michelin terrain tires on the back, and quality grips on the handlebars. It had been maintained to a high standard and had all the paperwork to prove it. So you shouldn’t have an accident on this ride (if your not to small for it) that is.

Further along was Now this is more of an info site for the latest analysis and track news. Plus it includes on its pages a community section, videos, and photos too. All the latest news is laid out with links to its relevant pages.

Then we were left with If you want motorcross and more – in the way of MX gloves and other branded accessories you have come to the right place. They had an Alpinestars Neck Brace selling at £399.99, plus sets of Airoh Stelt Helmets from £211.49 each.

A Troy Lee Designs Dirt Helmet (in Black) was being sold for £264.99 giving a saving of 6%. Or maybe you want a FLU Graphics Kit to spruce up your wheels and plastics for £94.99?

Some items are not cheap as you can see - but they are quality goods, which should last you a very long time.

Do have a look around and join some online forums as it can be very informative for pictures and free help. Always expect a difference of opinion in forums, you will get genuine advice indeed, the knack is to cut the bad advice from the good.

Kids motorcross

kids motorcross

A child’s first steps into motorcross and more thrilling ways of enjoying themselves is an important one - and you don’t want them getting put off it, by getting injured or thinking it’s a sport that’s just too dangerous.

For smaller kids the Kawasaki Super Shock dirtbike is an excellent start. It’s a battery powered toy, that any boy or girl would love to scoot about on.

For older kids they can progress onto 50cc gas powered pitbikes. Yamaha’s PW50 and Honda’s CRF 50 are both superb motorbikes to get a real feel of the power in a motocross bike. You can buy these used too of course, but save some money for a snug fitting helmet and some rugged gear.

Kids motocross can be a fad, so be aware that in 12 months time, whatever you pay out now, might be gathering dust. Expensive bikes gather dust just the same as cheap ones.


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