Ninja pocket bikes, Tiny fun.

The cool ninja motorbike.

Ninja pocket Bikes now with CVT Transmission. Indeed it’s true the 2005 Ninja GT x2 pocket bike also comes with CVT AUTO TRANSMISSION, for all riders’ convenience.

The ninja bike has a geared, belt driven transmission which delivers way more torque and top-end than any other pocket bike. It’s a superb looker on the street, and you’ll be the envy of your friends if you should buy one. Other features include Dual Halogen Head Lights, Dual Rear Brake Lights, and front and rear turn signals.

So this model of bike is fully packed with add-ons that other pocket bike fans can only dream of.

ninja pocket bikes

NINJA bikes – performance packed.

Ninja Pocket Bikes Emulate a Classic Look

Ninja pocket bikes are scaled down emulated versions of the classic Kawasaki Ninja 500. For the most part the popular choice is a 110cc pocket bike mini-version that runs about 50 inches long and less than two feet (usually 18 inches) tall.

the Kawasaki Ninja bike Mini moto pocket motorbike

Even though most adults can easily pick up a ninja pocket bike with one arm and carry it off, this small machine can produce incredibly high performance. They are, typically, built just like regular sized street bikes complete with such features as rear and front disc brakes, lightweight aluminum frames, swing arms and racing-level tires.

These types of pocket bikes can also be known as mini motos, super pockets as well as ninjas.

The Popular 110

Most manufacturers of ninja-styled mini bikes have as their top-of-the line model a 110cc bike. This model is the preferable racing version because it can provide excellent handling. Reputable manufacturers turn out production models that provide quite the smooth ride while driven by a much quieter engine.

Employing an advanced automatic transmission allows the operator to easily accelerate quite rapidly from 0 to 25 mph in just a matter of a few moments. Built from only high-grade materials, a well-manufactured 110 pocket ninja will perform consistently well lasting a very long time.

Don't settle for price alone, because this is a misguided way to go. If you want to get all the thrills possible from riding a 110cc pocket ninja, you will examine quality and not just pricing.

The pocket motorbike – would you love one?

A checklist for your lil’ ninja.

A Great Gift For Kids

pocket bikes at wholesale prices

When looking to get your kids involved in motorcycle riding, presenting them with a ninja-style mini bike is a great place to start.

This is especially true when selecting a small 49cc model. They will experience a smooth and fast ride - from a youth's perspective. Obviously, you will have to teach them the proper and safe way to operate a ninja pocket bike.

The typical ninja suitable for younger kids has the following features:

  • A gas powered, 49cc single-cylinder, two-stroke engine
  • Speed capacity from 20-to-30 mph
  • Weight capacity up to 280 lbs.
  • Both an electric and manual pull start
  • Both rear and front disc brakes
  • Dual front shocks, single rear shock
  • Double chain drive
  • Minimum of 13-inch tires
  • 2-1 exhaust
  • Dual headlights
  • Rear light and rear brake lights
  • Choose Carefully

    Always make sure when examining a ninja pocket bike that you select a high-performance package. It may be a bit more costly, however the investment will be well worth the return, especially if you have several children at varying ages who can grow into the use of the ninja 49cc.

    However well your child has been well amused for about two years, think about upgrading perhaps to the above referenced 110cc. This bike might realize speeds in excess of 60 mph, so it may not be appropriate for younger children, yet, as your child grows into more responsible (if such a thing exists) teen years, a higher performing ninja might be the ideal gift.

    Owning a pocket ninja will provide countless hours of fabulous fun.


    On my ninja x2 /pocket bike

    Buying pocket bikes.

    What type of pocket bike do you buy? Seeing them; at wholesale prices is the dream of many riders, but very hard to find realistically. You will most likely only get pocket bikes at retail value. But don’t forget used adverts on Whatever you buy you need parts suppliers too, so if your mini bike is a rare model you will struggle for pocket bike spares.

    The toy-like appearance of a pocket bike, causes many riders to treat them as such. But keep your pads and helmet on while riding minimotos, if you come off at 60mph you’ll thank your lucky stars you bothered to dress for the occasion.

    pocket bikes retail

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