Pit bike videos

Why People Watch and Create Pit Bike Videos.

Looking for pit bike videos can include checking for links on your favorite MX site or using a search engine. There are some good productions on the internet. Never let a low view tally send you away without taking a look.

You gotta love the pit bike videos of fast action races

Some of the most realistic and entertaining videos are nonprofessional scenes taken by ordinary people that just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

In addition, seeing a new rider taking a snail’s crawl spin around the yard is fun to watch. You just never know what will be seen on a video. Keep the sound on and enjoy the roar of the engines.

Things to See on Videos

When joining friends or family for a ride and a pit bike is available, you will feel much more comfortable on the bike if you know what to expect. A teen or adult can find out a lot about these fun rides by watching pit bike videos about how to modify the engine, improve the suspension, or handle the bike on the road. It might feel a bit awkward at first since the bike is so small, but like so many others who ride pit bikes, you will quickly decide this is a great way to spend the day.

There are pit bike videos on the Honda CRF70. The kid is riding with no gear. The comments point this out and if you want to use this video to show Grandma about the healthy outdoor activity of a pit bike, swear you know the importance of gear.

Pit bikes speak one language: action. Watch the best of Championnat de France de Pitbike 2010 for an idea of what it takes to handle these bikes during a race. Crashes, favorite bikes, or silly scenes are found on pit bike videos to entertain or educate.

Things Required for Making a Video

Like any kind of camera work, it will take a few tries before you are comfortable with filming a video. Take a short class. Sometimes the store where you get your video camera hosts free instructions. Smartphones film the action very well and instructions are in the user’s manual.

Use the video editing program on your computer to add the details you want and delete anything that might lose the attention of your audience. A microphone, an editor to delete the audio on the video and create a separate track of what you want and a program to synchronize it to the video are needed.

Anyone can make a video; you want to make one or more pit bike videos. After editing, save it as a video file. Create an account on YouTube. Click upload, add the information about your video and then click to have the video uploaded.

After it is checked, you can add a title and description. Read and comply with the site guidelines to avoid any problems. If you have a friend that is a graphics artist, invite them to make some great signs to include in the video.

Keep it short, make it interesting and it will be one of the pit bike videos that gets views. Market it with Facebook, Twitter and MX or pit bike blogs and the sharing will spread.

Owc Rad Pit bike race 12 inch money main event battle

Free Vids below to help you ride better.

Pit bike videos are very popular, if you check out motocross websites & DVD stores you will find many. Also check out youtube for some freebie clips, including some silly ones of crashes. SX & MX races are recorded and pop up on youtube - the best of those types of videos show how a rider wins races, and you can take some pointers for free.

Pit bike videos

Instructional videos give help and advice about how to manage your pitbike and take care of it and look after your own well being.

Forums too are a good source of videos and help & advice, whichever way you see it, pit bike videos are ideal for the novice or the expert to gain knowledge easily.

The Freestyle superstars & stunt riders are by far the most popular, taking this small bike to its absolute limits.

You don’t have to pay a ticket to see the best of freestyle now, you can watch it on youtube.

Thats also why there are so many crash videos as well, a pitbike is a cheaper bike, and more likely to be risked on a ramp, than its more expensive counterpart the dirt bike.

having a pitbike crash and fall

Pit bike movies

A selection of some we really like……...

We have some free videos below of pit bikers using their tire grip to the extreme – do they fall off – watch and see?

Kids On Pitbikes 2010


Pit Bike race Columbus, Nebraska

dirt bike site myspace.com

Do free games help you ride?

free game dirt bike

The free flash games online are brilliant fun, there is no doubt in that.

But some riders have asked the question do they help you become a better rider?

The free ones are so simplified it’s doubtful, there is some eye/hand co-ordination going on for sure, but that’s about it. You get no feeling of a real pitbike beneath you.

Even the more sophisticated games for the PlayStation and Xbox have limitations. You can’t feel the bumps and undulations, or the adrenaline burning as you crease a curve with another pitbiker right by your side.

If you want to ride your pitbike better, take notes from Pit bike videos on youtube (even slow them down if you need to) and then get on the bike and ride-ride-ride…..you will see improvement in a short space of time.

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