Pocket bike videos

What We Gain From Pocket Bike Videos.

Dirt bike and pocket bike videos draw quite a few viewers when they cover a big event or follow certain riders around the track. Funny home videos of grandpa riding the new pit bike (that quirky four-foot ride) before jumping off - make the rounds.

There are some videos on YouTube that can help out dirt and pocket bike riders, as well, by providing tips and hints regarding maintenance and how to get a better ride, such as cornering or jumping.

You just never know who you are going to see in how-to pocket bike videos and how much worth it will have. If they are basic and you have been riding for awhile, there may be nothing for you to learn. On the other hand, if you have been given the task of showing a little brother or sister how to maintain the bike, you will quickly find out they are more responsive to the video.

Killer Motorsports (Texas) owner Nathan Carlson talks about and shows how to do basic maintenance on a 50cc mini or pit bike. Basic guidelines include how to tighten spokes and when to tighten bolts. He also goes over checking brake fluid and bleeding the rear brake. These are important tips no matter what a person is riding or driving.

Learning the right maintenance techniques on one thing will help you learn other systems quickly. This is a serious set of hints that even explain how to check the idle on the carburetor.

When pocket bike videos get too generic with hints, look for specific information. Spokes jiggle loose when you are riding and they are going to continue to do that for every rider. You can get some great hints from this MotoSport mechanic as he goes over the points on tightening the spokes on a dirt bike. The video quickly reminds you there is no need to reinvent the dirt bike wheel, as long as you remember to tighten the spokes on a regular basis.

Dirty air filters are the kiss of death to a bike, so avoid the consequences by changing them as needed. This is one of those pocket bike videos that offers excellent advice in a few short moments, including why it is important to remove the air filter carefully and how to clean the air box. The title "Dirt Bike Air Filter Cleaning" is misleading; the mechanic advocates replacing the filter, The reasons are solid, however: it improves performance, which is basically what we are after.

At some point the brake pads are going to go bad on your dirt bike. The more you know about repairing and caring for your bike, the less expensive it will be to maintain. Pocket bike videos such as this one show how to change the brake pads on your dirt bike, including adjusting the calipers and inspecting the area for damage or scarring. When you get ready to do this job by yourself, have someone there that is well-versed in the procedure and can coach you as you work.

Expect emphasis on cleaning the area when the maintenance is done. There are also reminders about using and caring for the proper tools. The service manual is also a point of reference, since that is the most specific, informational item about your bike.

Killer Motorsports, Pit bike, mini , 50 maintenance video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1UQoWvRLOk (no embed code on this one - so please copy and paste this link into your browser).

MotoSport mechanic and tightening spokes

BikeBandit.com - Dirt Bike Air Filter Cleaning

Rocky Mountain ATV-MC How to Replace Brake Pads on Dirt Bikes

Take in a movie or three, of miniature dirt bikes.

Pocket bike videos are very popular on the web, most people interested in actual pocket biking; like to see if anything is available as a video. To a degree they vary a lot, there are a few good ones, but some are simplistic or are short scrappy vids (as on youtube).

Pocket bike videos

As it is such a niche area the movie makers are more engaged in stunts and pit bike races; than mini bike tips. However it is still worth searching the web and youtube as they do exist, but not always as high quality clips.

Some bikers prefer the amateur look, so each to their own taste of course. Maybe you’re a dirt biker and a cameraman? If so maybe one day you’ll make a video for riders like yourself?

Although camera phones are improving, the pixilated clips online can be annoying and some browsers might not get to the great content as it’s SO frustrating to watch the video.

If you are about to do a video clip – use a good reliable video camera, get a sunny day and plan what you’re going to do.

A few years ago, a guy goofing around on his pitbike got hundreds of hits, but today you have to come up with something better and more substantial if you want to get a trend going.

pit bike videos and movies that help

Be original too – if you have a good grasp of camera work, you BE the camera man. If you buddy is better at riding the pitbike or pocket bike – he should BE the rider.

Play to each other’s strengths when you make a pocket bike video. Also remember that youtube isn’t the only place that accepts pocket bike videos and dirtbike clips, many dirt bike sites often have competitions for the best ones – so you could win some real money to help you buy a better bike or camera.

Ok so the pit bike or pocket bike will cost a few hundred, maybe the camera a few hundred more. Then that’s basically it – if you have the gear, its then a case of storyboarding what you’re going to do – get the location and away you go.

If you don’t plan, you can waste hours trying to video something on the fly, which may look mediocre anyways and you have wasted a day filming pocket bike videos.

Then when your Pocket bike videos debut comes knocking you'll be proud of your clip, and the creativity that went into it.

Super pocket bike clips

Before you embark on making a video, be sure the bike in question has been maintained the day previous and is filled with gas – a common mistake, that can cost a days filming.

Look at these fast and furious Pocket bike videos do they inspire you? If you think you can do better – its time to grab a camera and begin.

Thumpstar / dirt bike wheelies – but wear a helmet!

Pocket bike videos - Drz110 wheelie

Dirt 140cc

canadian pocket bikes

Legal pocket bikes

legal pocket bikes

For the most part, pocket and pit bikes are not legal.

Numerous countries just don’t feel they are safe to the riders and other road users, so it’s easier to not pass them.

However where they are legal, you might still have to jump through a few hoops to make your bike legal – and be aware of the current legislation in regards to a mini dirtbike.

Ok wearing a helmet and pads is a given – and certainly a necessity.

But the bike itself will need a headlamp, turn signals a brake light and it needs to be licensed and carry a license plate, just like a regular motorcycle.

All this effort does put riders off, but if you are determined enough most regulations are straight forward. But as for other drivers seeing you, riding at such a low position – that’s a calculated risk you’ll have to take.

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