Power off road ! POWER!

Speed isnt everything - but power might be.

Much of the power off road in a dirt bike, comes of course from the engine. But its how that power is transferred onto the track that’s the important thing. All the main makes of dirt bikes have various engine models, and depending on your skill and ability, you should go for the engine size that suits you best.

Over latter years even the smaller engines have superb power for off road racing events, and are ideal for jumps as these smaller power units make the whole dirt bike lighter. Whatever your vehicle, bike, buggy or tracked transport have fun and stay safe on your off road adventure.

power off road

The MX bike gives so many riders the idea to muck around on bikes they may think will be ok for them. The vivid colours and power off road bikes have makes anyone think they can have a go at motocross & supercross races in their own way.

Of course if you’re a beginner a "full on" race will be some way off. But we’ll explain a few stores that sell motocross bikes and parts so you can become a racing king someday in the future.

In-chains.co.uk has bikes fit for muck & soil circuits and lots of stuff you’ll want for a circuit battle. For instance a Honda XR 70cc pitbike for kids aged 8 - 12 was on sale for £595.

While this sturdy dirtbike isn’t quite a pro arenacross ride. It has motocross grips and tuff plastics like those on real MX bikes. In-chains; has a grip of what pitbikers want for super cross racing as well; from Bell Ray Chain Lube for £11.50 and Bell Ray Gear Saver selling for £7.99.

Ebay came next in our "power off road" search. From a dirt bike boot to rugged dual sport grips – you’ll get it all here. We looked at some Dirt Bike Handlebars selling for £24.47, a Dirt Bike Exhaust system for a 150cc cycle – with a KLX Head Fitment all for £51.75; and finally another Exhaust system which had been uprated for a supercross track to get optimum performance – going for £69.99.

Off road dirt bike power

Ghostbikes.com always has quality bikes at low prices that wont muck up day races. They sell dirt bike gear, and dualsport apparel even a set of motocross Bionic body armour for £29.99.

But bikes for some dirtbike & motocross fun are where they excel. Stock does change quickly, and you’ll need to take luck as to what dirtbikes have sold out - but the website is well worth a look (luck).

Here are some "powering" videos to get you started.....

Bike power off road

Offroad riders.

off road dirt bike heaven

Your Dirt Bike Money

Your off road dirt bike is always developing. Walking into a store is like heaven for sure but DO keep your head. Your wallet could suffer if your research is not complete. So when buying off road bikes still keep in mind its future use and don’t get distracted by the latest shiny gadgets.

Your bank manager will thank you.

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