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Dirt bike goggles - become a spy.

Spy mx goggles are being bought by lots of riders. Their durability on the track and the cool look of these items make them fly off the shelves. MX riders too favour these dirtbike goggles as they offer great protection; and should stop your eyes getting dirt and grit irritation within fierce competition races or jumps. Don’t just concentrate on goggles of course as the bike is the most important to keep maintained when your freestyle jumping.

But then again you shouldn't be doing any riding without goggles at all.

spy mx goggles

So you have a vintage motorbike or an xtreme motorsports motorbike? You need to protect your eyes, and sun glasses arn't good enough,(of course they arn't).

If you’re a rider of any sort dirt and grit, can be a hazard for motorsports & day to day riding.

Some stores such as slyfoxmx that sell monster energy supercross gear and womens Mx clothing will have spy MX goggles for any races on a supercross circuit you'd care to mention. But lets look at the "spy brand" specifically.

Any rider can go straight to spyoptic.com; who have the full range of goggles. We explored the fmx section and new models. Instantly we found some WHITE SABBATH motocross and supercross goggles with CLEAR ANTI-FOG LENSES – all in for $54.95. We continued our hunting with some TARGA8 MX BLU CRYS GOOGLES WITH Anti-fog Lexan® lenses, Ergonomic Isotron foam and a patented Scoop® ventilation system at a low cost $35.95.

Ebay is cool for grassroots motorsport riders with budgets in mind. What did we uncover? A spy MX goggles set in TARGA PINK for use on ramps and dirt circuits came in at £20.00. Plus we bought a SPY optic ALLOY goggles unit in black for £30, and a pair of Spy Soldier Goggles in Wall Street/Bronze for an eye watering £94.99. (Ok maybe we shouldn't have got them at that price).

Don’t forget some goggles will have shippers costs added on top of this too – usually only a few dollars - depending where you buy.

USOUTDOORSTORE.com also stock the spy brand. We enjoyed looking at the Spy Bias Snow Goggles – on offer for $66.00. Plus some Spy Soldier Goggles in Matte Black for a low cost $54.00. This latter goggle has a 100% (UV) protection, Isotron foam and a Dual ARC™ spherical anti-fog/anti-scratch lenses.

Look after the eyes.

For maximum fun you cant go far wrong with spy mx goggles, and it will save you the bother of an accident claim. These stores are sometimes good for boots and other dirt bike apparel, but if you need prescription goggles you will need to see a specialist for perfect fitting & testing.

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mx wheels

Eye wash and cloths

After the race, you’ll know doubt be checking both the suspension and your wheels on the bike. Also you may have checked over the electronics to the oil in the engine. But what about yourself? Your eyes will be tired and even if you’re a diligent wearer of googles, they might be irritated or sore.

So before you do your bike checks, have some eye wash handy, or cool clean wet cloth to sooth your eyes. You’ll find it welcome after a hard race - and it’ll remove that stinging sweat from your eyes too.

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