Super mini bikes - go mini!

Super-duper Dirtbikes.

Super mini bikes are miniature models of motorcycles in the style of the familiar motocross bikes. They still have to retain some practicality as you still need to ride them. However the similarities are breath taking, most manufacturers have the cowling, graphics and other small details very like the full sized bike.

Fans of super bikes love these models as they are affordable for them, and storage is easy. The cost of full sized models are beyond the reach for many and far too powerful. These super mini bikes however are just the thing for fans on a budget (or those starting out).

super mini bikes offer up great deals, but can you get cheap mini dirt bikes elsewhere? – of course you can.

The (motocross) mini motorcycle is lowcost of course, but any new racers want to get the best they can for their cash.

OK so we’ll show you. First up is the ever popular From bell bike helmets, vintage minibikes and even a 140cc monster race bike – ebay has it all.

Quickly doing a mini bike search of our own; we liked the look of a zoom 49cc pocket bike racer. Current bid was £90; it had a 49cc 2 stroke petrol engine, a solid rear suspension and many used parts thrown in. Such as an air filter and a two stroke oil mixing bottle.

Ebay has lots of wholesale mini bike parts too. (Well the prices seem wholesale ones anyway). Ie: Gas powered bike stickers were up at only a few pounds, and a Pit Bike Performance Handbook manual was £16.99.

A manual is great for tips on getting rid of gunk and grit within your offroad minibike and how to prepare that bike for the sandy trails or regular tracks to get a winning edge. has a wealth of random stuff too from a bell bike helmet to top branded dirt bike boots. But you will find kids and adults minibikes as well. To prove that we uncovered a 49cc MiniMoto (as new) up for sale at £80. With a free stand and new tires that bite dust like a pro.

Small dirt bikes - just super

Lastly was They had a 150cc dirt bike coming up for sale at $650. It was a dmx pro 150cc pitbike with a new back tyre, marzocchi suspension and pro-taper grips plus the original dmx pro sticker set was fitted.

Often these types of bikes are bought as presents, and either the person its bought for has no interest in the motocross sport, or they ride it a few times and lose interest – these are the mini bikes to buy. Keep searching and you’ll be rewarded with a superb motorbike.

Riding Super mini bikes

Tips for Buying Used Super mini bikes (or any bikes)

dirt bike laws

Dirt bike moves

The lightness and power you get from these small Motocrossers cannot be underestimated. So your local laws should always be in the back of your mind when you ride. Have a look at a few videos online for helpful tips on riding and if you really want to spend on a unique bike how about a custom dirt bike?

Yes mini bikes come in custom versions as well, but be aware the cost goes up and up – so how cutting edge do you want to be??

dirt bike movies

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