Track bike

Seek out the pit bikes uk stores.

Having a track bike is a big responsibility. Most trail bike models sold are not street legal, so check this with the seller if you do need to ride it on the highway. A lot of pit bikes uk stores too have bikes for sale, and many can be provided with a street legal kit for you or the shop to assemble onto the pit moto.

track bike

Have you been trying out north american motorsports with your sx pit bike; or wondering if you can take on the xfighters in their grit blasting pioneer motorsports events.

All the hot sx riders have cool xfighter dirt bikes, from a honda supercross track bike to a ktm 125 sx moto.

You need a keen motorsport enduro, that will ride the tumbling grit and be fit enough for sx games on any circuit. We’ll check out what sx 125 cc motorbikes and 250 sx motocross bikes are on the net for us. has a wealth of moto cross rides that will test your supercross fitness training to the max. We checked out a Yamaha YZ 85 selling for a modest £950. It had only been raced on the grit 2 times, with customised graphics fit for ama supercross finals and has had regular oil changes throughout its life.

A Yamaha YZ 250 came in at £1650, in mint condition and looked like it could be on the front of an mx grit magazine. The rider is upgrading, and needs to sell. The moto comes with loads of gear, renthal bars, excel rims and a jetted carb – plus loads of spares all thrown in. always has some gems, and today was no exception. Uncovering an MK4 DX125 cc which was priced at £449.99. The dirt bike has 14 BHP, in a big valve 125cc engine in a rugged, sturdy package.

The MK4 Proline 140cc & 160cc motocross bikes are priced from £699.99. This model has up to 20 BHP, with plenty of torque – so you can say “kiss my grits” to the other racers on your local track.

Moving along we went to, who have a wide range of classified ads.

A new non-branded (possibly a Chinese mini dirtbike) had an asking price of $675. Complete with a performance exhaust, wavey disc brakes and a 4 speed manual clutch. Or what about a 2002 KLX 110cc going for $1800. The KLX came with ASV levers, tall bars, 2 bros pipe and IMS foot pegs.

Trail bike

That concludes our supercross exposed list of cool mx websites. Also remember if you haven’t yet saved up for a proper motorcross ride – what about buying some motorsports tickets or going along to see an extreme motorsports expo. For a more relaxing afternoon supercross on tv and buying a supercross movie is also very cheap.

Take a look at some free sx video clips, presented for your entertainment.

Motocross riding track bike tips, rutted turns

Honda riding track bike tip - Block Passing

pit bikes uk

Pit bikes for sale

Used pit bikes for sale adverts too, should be approached with caution if they claim to be street legal. Its best to find out from the local police as to their highway requirements, then use this official list of requirements to confirm it with the sellers and classified ads, as it’s too late when you’re fined on the road for an illegal dirt bike.

pit bikes for sale


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