Transworld mx

Dirt bike days.

Transworld mx or motocross, has gained in popularity in recent years. The main website is and a magazine by the same name is available too. Many fans are devoted to it. This transworld sport takes in many pitbike fans as these huge events give publicity to the sport and promote dirt biking throughout the world.

transworld mx

Intense motorsports come in all shapes and sizes. From redbull xfighters to a stadium supercross race. But some motorsports events such as the Transworld mx captures the true grit of the motorsport forums and supercross bike riders.

From suzuki sx motorcycles to a ktm 450 sx bike they are all specialized sx trail motorbikes, fighting in their rock tumbling grit battles.

Want to find supercross stuff? Or just more motorsport information on this steel grit pro motorsports event? Then come with us on our sx trail.

We looked first at They have sx pics, supercross videos, and Transworld mx race reports to keep any motorsport racing fan happy.

Next up was this link

It’s a place to get a free Transworld MX layout on to your own Myspace Profile. They have a code for layout option and an automatic installation of code feature – so very easy to use.

Racing mx riders

Last up was It’s a kinda supercross store, that sells all kinds of 125 sx bits and supercross national stuff. But we found a Transworld MX Crush DVD priced to sell at £12.95. We sadly didn’t have the time to dig deeper for supercross crash compilations and sx 50 cc accessories – but take your time and hunt about.

Also remember dirtbike forums for some free motorsport chat, on track grit size and Transworld MotoX riders.

We leave you with some sx videos about the Transworld motocross.

Trans World Motocross

TransWorld Motocross – Trailer

youth mx boots

Thor mx gear

If you decide to attend such an event, like supercross you could see if you can check out the stores in and around the vicinity. You might be able to pick up some thor mx gear, which is really excellent or perhaps some cheap youth mx boots for your own up-coming races.

The choice is yours; some of these stall owners may offer discounts. But walk away from those you think could be overpriced.

When you get back home don’t forget the free motocross game down-loads too. One is a flash mx juegos dirt bike game, from the juegos website, heres the link:- . So you can certainly keep yourself entertained either off-line or on!

thor mx gear


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