Used 125 dirt bikes for sale

Beware of pitfalls

Used 125 dirt bikes for sale are commonplace in many adverts in the dirt bike arena. Looking for a specific engine such as a 125, does limit your possibilities, so you may need to search which manufacturers sell such models first.

Then you can narrow your ideas down, as to what’s within your budget and skill level. 125 bikes or course have plenty of power, so you need to know you can handle such a pit bike. If you are in any doubt, go for a smaller engine and upgrade it later to a bigger bike when you become proficient and confident.

used 125 dirt bikes for sale

A used free style ktm 250 sx or a kawasaki 650 sx offroader, can save you a whole heap of dosh. Some motorsport uk clubs and motorsport articles can point you in the right direction.

But we have our own specialized sx review of places to go. If you’re a freestyle free style sx girl or an sx junior racing on top soil come and look with us. is a cool sx online magazine – well like a classified magazine anyways. They have a used 125 dirt bikes for sale section, and we looked hard at this motorsport com website. A KTM SX 125 popped up for £2900, it had never been soil raced, and coming complete with renthall bars it’s a pure grit and steel offroader.

Or would you prefer a Honda CR 125 selling at £1800. This free style motocross motorcycle has been regularly serviced, has Pirelli tires ready for sandy soil and has always been cleaned to remove grit and other soil type stuff at the end of a days use.

Before we left we checked out a Suzuki RM 125 for £2000. Selling with two sets of excel motorsports wheels, and two complete set's of plastics one straight out of a red bull x fighters website. has many team motorsport two wheeled gear - not to mention used 125 dirt bikes for sale. A Suzuki DRZ-L 125 was $1300, and a Yamaha TTR 125 was $1100 with new pacific sx graphics and a new free style motorcross air filter all inclusive. Great for grit of women riders and you’ll want your true grit clothing for sure to ride these magnificent motorbikes. spotted a Baja 125 Dirt Bike, for $1,200. It comes from a motorsport dealers so its new! The free style cruising moto has a 124 cc four-stroke engine, hydraulic forks and produces 9.3 HP.

Black dirt bike

If you’re a younger rider see if you can get some free learning style assessment training, it might help with your future ama sx results and you’ll be less hard on your dirtbike.

If the used bike has been racing on tracks with good soil drainage and less grit abrasive surfaces, your used buy should be in great order.

Take a tour of these motorsport videos to see if they help your decision.

125cc Pit Bike

A used 125 dirt bikes for sale buy

pink dirt bike

Dirt bikes needed

Whenever dirt bikes needed adverts are placed, there is money to be made. When selling your pitbike, be more specific than say it’s a black dirt bike or even a pink dirt bike. Put in the full specification and any damage or paperwork you have - it's important to get it right. So when selling your bike cheap dirt sale used advert to another rider, include as much info as you can.

dirt bikes needed


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