Used 125 kawasaki dirt bike

125 kawasaki bargains.

Seeking a used 125 kawasaki dirt bike can be a task, but remember these points. Buying new gets you a warranty and you can check the model out at the shop or store. You can then see if the bike is correct for you, be sure and assess your skill level correctly and that the 125 bike is for you.

HOWEVER - Buying used gives great value, but you need to be positive the bike has not been damaged in any way, and ask the seller lots of questions on the bike, and always test ride it. Look for rattles, shakes, mis-fires and if it doesn’t feel right for you – don’t buy. ALSO - if you do want the bike - haggle and see if you can drop the price lower.

used 125 kawasaki dirt bike

Used kawasaki dirt bike dilemmas.

Buying a Used 125 Kawasaki Dirt Bike

Many riders look to the used market to make a new purchase, in order to help save some significant cash.

Buying a big brand name and a solid model line, but a product with some use, can be a great way to keep your budget intact while still bringing something very high quality home.

That's why many people are looking to buy a used 125 Kawasaki dirt bike, although you need to know what to look for and be sure to watch out for common mistakes.

First, one thing to keep in mind when buying a used 125 Kawasaki dirt bike is that Kawasaki doesn't make a 125cc model right now. That can change before long, but right now they have 100cc, 110cc and 140cc bikes, but not a 125cc. If you look at something like that 2012 KX100 with a 99cc displacement, you'll see a cost of over $4,000. That's a major setback for sure, and most people can't afford that.

That's why you might want to buy the used 125 Kawasaki dirt bike from an older make or model. You can even go classic, and Kawaski has a great variety of classic dirt bikes with 125cc from the 1970s and 1980s. Look into potential models or options such as the 1983 Kawasaki HT 125, the 1977 KH or KE 125, the 1990 GTO 125 and the 1979 KH 125 for starters. It's just a small collection of some of the 125cc displacement models you should be able to find in the classic categories.

If you really do want a more recent used Kawasaki 125 dirt bike, then you still have other options. Consider the 2009 KX125, 2007 KX125, and the 2006, 2005 and 2002 models of the same name too. You'll save a boatload over one of these bike's newer cousins.

Buy a used dirt bike

Looking for kawasaki dirt bikes for sale.

Seeking where those dirt bike kawasaki sale ads are showing.

bike dirt racing on a 2005 Kx 125 motocross Kawasaki

So where can you buy a used 125 Kawasaki dirt bike? There are many different places, and you can get started with your search online.

Ebay, Craigslist and motocross websites and dealers all have used listings. Ideally, you would want to purchase from a local dealer, whether it's an individual selling his own used bike, or a company with many used bikes for sale.

This way, you can actually head down there and look the bike over, check for any major flaws or problems, and maybe even take it for a spin. This can save you a load of hassle and aggravation, and will ensure that you invest in something that's worth the money. But if you can't do this, buying online can still be a good option when you're confident you can trust the dealer, and when you know you're getting a bargain.

Some may want a kawasaki old dirt bike – for a fixer upper – and your sure to get great deals on non-working kawasaki’s – but do remember time and cost (of spares). So input that into the final total, to get your mx motorbike on the track. AVOID money-pit crocks.

Hopefully by now you've learned a little bit more about buying a used 125 Kawasaki dirt bike. The kawasaki 125 dirt bike has a well earned reputation as a fine bike across many styles and lineups, and you can save big by buying used. Just be sure to trust the person or company you're buying from, and consider buying from a local shop or dealer so that you can inspect the bike in person first. And those simple steps will reduce your headaches when you get the bike back home.

Dirt bike trailers

So now your all fired up to buy a used dirt bike ? Well a cheap 125cc dirt bike should be available in most places, and even bikes with much less power too. Used rides are inexpensive and ideal for bike dirt racing newbies. But keep safe and legal so have a look at dirt bike trailers too - for taking your motocross ride to and from the race tracks. That way you’ll never have any run-ins with the police.

dirt bike trailers


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