Used mini bikes

Used value buys

For beginners or novices the used mini bikes are ideal. They are easy on the pocket, and many models are available.

Buying a used bike is a little trickier however as you need to make sure the bike isn’t damaged, or needs an expensive repair. However this is outweighed by the cost of used mini-bikes. Cheapness and what you can buy for your budget is superb, classified ads and internet auction sites have a great variety and you may think you’d be crazy not to buy used.

Take care the seller is genuine and has great feedback too, and in classified adverts ask the seller lots of questions before committing to purchase.

used mini bikes

Looking through the pictures of motorcycles on the web, the new 49cc minibike and child motorcycle offroaders look tantalising, but have you considered used mini bikes?

You should as some 49cc dirt bike rides are bought as unwanted presents and sit collecting dust which is a minibike bonanza for those wanting a preloved baja minibikes model and battery motorcycle motos.

We went on the web for not only used mx dirt bikes for sale; but some ideas on motorcycle part and accessory stores too. had a Yamaha, 80 cc, trail breaker minibike for kids going for £400. Great for young dirt dogs, this ride had a new dirt devil atv tire and motorcycle graphics already fitted. Although its had a rebuild, this minibike dirt bike would need to be test ridden if you have time. is worth a look too for fmx minibike kits and motos for that pink dirt bike or electric minibike – but come back regularly and don’t expect to see your dream pit bike on a first visit.

For a custom motorcycle helmet check out They had Youth Motocross Helmets from £49.99; plus other dirt bikes pics of neat stuff like Motocross Boots from £8.49 and child Motocross Gloves from £14.95 – some nice dust piece items.

50 cc dirt bike

For a motorcycle mirror, bridgestone motorcycle tires and a motorcycle half helmet ( which we wouldn’t recommend for fmx riding ) - you’ll get it all on ebay. But you will get complete dirt bikes as well - great used mini bikes buys.

A mini motocross bike we bought was a MAXPRO MINI DIRT BIKE – brand new at only £195. This had the new Big Bore Exhaust System, Upside Front Forks and Adjustable Back Shocks. It too has modern dust filters and Wavy Disc Brakes. Although new its being sold at used money - by dust or dirt this mini motocrosser will be a joy to ride.

Dirt Bike 150cc

Used mini bikes circuit ride

dirt bike graphic kit

Dirt bike trail

Hitting the dirt bike trail ? Well get yourself a 50 cc dirt bike, light and easy to handle. You can always upgrade later if you’re a beginner. Don’t forget accessories too, a nice dirt bike graphic kit will set your bike to turn heads. So a dirt bike used moto is ideal for anyone getting into the sport.

dirt bike trail

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