Used pocket bikes

Pre-loved is good.

The used pocket bikes you own will eventually need spares. You need to make sure before you buy the model and make of bike they are available. If they are not plentiful you will need to wait for weeks before your spares are imported, so you may want to consider another model.

With some bikes one model is compatible with another, so check this as well. To increase the life of your bike it ultimately comes down to maintenance and ensuring you don’t abuse the bike. Many are very strong, but daily heavy use will result into frequent trips to your spares shop.

used pocket bikes

What’s the best offroad dirt rocket bike? That’s a difficult question as some riders want dirt bike performance for offroad games while others want a cheap kids dirt bike for offroad travel at weekends.

A mini quad bike or a small kawasaki dirt moto can be a great bike cheap mini. A used minibike is about the cheapest way to get your dirt bike tours underway. As long as your super minibikes buy doesn’t need a lot of dirt bike repair; then its a used pocket bikes liability.

Look for well known brands first such as a small yamaha dirt bike or a Honda minimoto which has tons of honda mini bike part and spares stores. But if that is still too expensive a used bikes mini Chinese model could be ideal for you.

Online is where the bike mini motorcycle action is. has some fine off road offroad clothing bargains. A set of Youth Motocross Pants start at £46.99 and if you want Youth Motocross Jerseys they begin at a mere £19.95.

Now gumtree and craigslist have all kinds of offroad 2 wheel atv bikes and pocket bikes mini motorcycles being sold for pennies. We picked at a childs 50cc mini dirt bikes ride going for $400 – suitable for kids aged 3-6. The mini pitbike had a new offroad tyre and minibike wheel sprockets all included. is a master of used minibike uk motorbikes for mx fun. A kx 60 dirt bike was a cheap £500 – but did need a wheel bearing. A classified dirt bike sale ad like this – should have good clear pics and a long description so you can make an informed choice on the used pocket bikes model.

Electric mini pocket bike

Now a mini bike ebay motor bike is always worth a look. Ebay does sell cheap used 125cc dirt bikes from china, but if you want to buy minibike quality what about a Husqvarna Husky Boy Senior 50cc Kids dirtbike – the used pocket bikes price was £895.

Yes that’s a lot more than the Chinese bikes, but this model has a fully automatic Two Stroke Engine, which is both quick and reliable and a front disc brake. With this husky being used only once, this is a virtually new bike.

If you want to see some offroad trailers and minimoto videos, then take a look below.

Dirt bike pit miniature.

New small dirt bike pit bike

pocket bike importer

Used super pocket bikes

An electric mini pocket bike model is becoming quite a hit with the kids. You can even buy used super pocket bikes for very cheap prices. Be sure to seek out pocket bike distributors, for great deals and even a pocket bike importer for very low prices. Although these online stores are hard to track down, it can be done.

used super pocket bikes

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