Used Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Used Yamaha dirt bikes are one of the most highly regarded makes in the sport and are a great buy. Made to last and built for agility, if you're going to buy a second hand bike, Yamaha is a good bet.

Searching For Used Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Used Yamaha Dirt Bikes

If you're going to buy used, Yamaha bikes are a great idea. Yamaha has long stood as one of the best manufacturers for motocross and off road dirt bikes.

They have models made for the youngest rider and the most advanced motocross champion. Yamaha bikes are designed to take a lot of action and are well made enough to last through extreme punishment. This may be exactly what you're looking for in used Yamaha dirt bikes . Keep in mind, however, you don't know how rigorous the previous owner might have been.

What to look for

Like any used bike purchase, you want to look for damage to the outside and how well the bike handles. Test driving is always a great idea if possible. Ask the previous owner questions about the bike's handling, what they liked and disliked, and why they decided to sell.

If you're unfamiliar with the model and year, do your research. Often you can find reviews online of specific models, their attributes and short comings, and make a more informed decision. In lieu of a good review, ask another rider who uses or has used a similar model.

Where to find one

Used Yamaha dirt bikes can be found at any of the venues you'd look for other used bikes. EBay and other online sites, or your local classifieds, can be a great place to start. Some think the best place to purchase is through a Yamaha dealer.

You can get a refurbished older model for a fraction of its original price and usually there's a warranty as to its quality. You can also look into purchasing an extended warranty in this way. This option might run a little more money than purchasing from an individual. In many cases, it won't be much more expensive and you're usually getting a better bike that's been completely tuned-up and checked.

If you decide to buy from an individual, make certain you do your homework and know that the seller is reputable. It's always best, in this situation, if you can see the dirt bike in person before the final purchase.

1975 yamaha dirt bike parts

If your a fan of a yamaha dirt bike picture it's great for a poster or a PC's wallpaper. You can select a yamaha 125cc dirt bike if you want or an old yamaha it400 dirt bikes, image for the classic fans. Should you be an owner of classic yamaha bikes you'll need some 1975 yamaha dirt bike parts, but be careful what you buy as a quality supplier could be hard to find.


Getting your red bull x fighters tickets and watching them jump with cool soil pride in an atlantic motorsport park or on another moto cross occasion, its easy to see why you might think that pit bike mania is expensive.

New yamaha enduros, from bike shops can be just that; but if you go moto cross racing with used yamaha dirt bikes then your not buying biker crap; and able to stretch your money that bit further.

Let's check out the used yamaha dirt bikes online, and which bike trader websites sell them. have used stuff for the biker lifestyle, and the used moto cross rides they sell can be used over most soil conditions. Finding a Yamaha YZ 125 selling for £1095; this is a fast, light and smooth yama for tough moto cross tracks. The owner had fitted Pro Taper Fatbars, FMF gold series STS front exhausts and an FMF power core 2 back exhaust. The motorcycle has been riding a few county motorsports trails, so expect a few scuffs.

Remaining on this classified ads biker site; we liked looking at another Yamaha YZ 125 but this time it was for £1250. The dirt bikes for sale ad showed it had been maintained regardless of cost, and had plenty of pit bike accessories. From team bad boy graphics, upside down forks, fmf exhaust, and brand new tires sitting on mint condition blue wheels.

Moving on we visited who have a ton of spares and bikes. But this time bikers choice was for used Yamaha dirt bikes. Finding a Yamaha YZ450F Service Manual (2007) for $8.00 plus we then looked at an ACERBIS number plate (blue) for a YAMAHA YZ125 YZ250/F & YZ450F selling for $20.92 and then lastly an EMGO air filter for a YAMAHA YZ426F, WR426F 01-02 & a YZ450F at $16.95 – and a heck of a lot more. If you want to do some moto cross tuning for future biker events you can do a lot worse than visit this website.

Yamaha 125cc dirt bike

Ebay of course is always fantastic. From a cheap dirt bike helmet to clothing and biker gear you’ll get the lot easily. But for motorbikes what about a Yamaha TT moto for $1,500. Only been ridden for 20 hours, and has a low reserve. Or maybe a Yamaha WR Dual Purpose motorcycle priced at $2,500 could be more your style?

yamaha 125cc dirt bike

It’s licensed for the highway, with regular Yamalube oil changes and a Dynatek performance ignition already fitted. Lots of custom accessories and add ons are on this used Yamaha.

Off road biker girls and lads should enjoy a quick peek at Where we found a bike bandit Yamaha YZ450F going for $4,300.00 and a Yamaha YZ250F selling at $3,950.00 plus tons more.

Its one of those sites you have to check regularly, but its like preparing soil for a race, if you are persistent and thorough you will find your perfect used yamaha dirt bikes model.

Yamaha WR250F & WR450F

Yamaha WR 450 / WR 250 Enduro Test


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