Vintage dirtbike parts

Classic spares

So many vintage dirtbike parts can be hard to find, however the internet has made things easier. Check out eBay and other classifieds from the dirt biking scene.

Usually you can enter search criteria, and your make of bike may come up. With vintage bikes you’re also best checking out specialists in this field, even museums in the case of really old or rare bikes.

Some parts specialists may recommend parts that are universal and may fit a range of bikes including your vintage model, so it’s worth checking with the supplier if that’s possible. If you feel a part is too expensive, keep looking as a bargain may be closer than you think.

vintage dirtbike parts

Buying Vintage dirtbike parts – if you’ve just bought a vintage motocross bikes for sale moto.

Bringing Vintage Dirt Bikes Back to Life

Rebuilding something old and making it new again is exhilarating and rewarding. Perhaps that's why many people opt to rebuild vintage dirt bikes.

If you ever watched the movie, "The World's Fastest Indian," you probably understand Burt Munro's love of his vintage dirt bike from the 20s.

He had to make most of his vintage dirtbike parts and unless you're working full time with vintage bikes and have a knack for recreation, you'll need to find places to buy vintage dirtbike parts.

You can shop until you drop locally, but the odds of finding the right part for your bike at the store down the street is slim to none. There's a reason the bikes are cherished. There aren't very many of them. Because of that, stores simply don't have the resources or the storage space to carry all the parts for dirt bikes made in the last 20 to 30 years (or even earlier).

Shopping for vintage dirtbike parts is best done online. You can use Craigslist as a starter and list the part you need in the wanted section. If you're not in a hurry, you might find a local source this way.

There are dirt bike salvage yards that may be in your area. While the yards may have many vintage dirtbike parts, there is no guarantee that they'll have the part you need. It is a good place to start, however.

Checking for vintage dirtbike parts on eBay is the second option. Here you'll have a potential to tap the worldwide market for your part. Simply type in both the year and make of your dirt bike followed by the word "parts" or vintage dirtbike parts in the search area.

You can also find several suppliers of vintage dirtbike parts online. While the parts may be more than you might pay on Craigslist or eBay, the potential of getting the right part is far greater.

When you're dealing with a part distributer that specializes, he normally knows far more about the parts required. For any Internet site, check the cost of shipping and handling. Sometimes the part is cheap but getting to your house is the biggest expense.

Vintage dirt bike parts

Vintage spares and the evolution motocross search anyone can do.

Of course, the best place to look, if it's at all possible, is with the original manufacturer. You can contact the company, not only to find whether they have the part but also to make certain it's the right part.

vintage dirt bikes

Most companies have an email address at their website for you to use. If you don't have a repair manual, the manufacturer is an excellent place to get one.

It might cost a few dollars but will be well worth it if you have many repairs to do on the bike. You'll be able to see the part number and shape of the part (in the event you can't find it and have to improvise).

Besides getting a manual for your vintage dirt bike, you can also find answers to some of the finishing touches such as paint color. Each manufacturer uses specific colors for different years.

They might not have the color immediately on hand but can give you the name of the color. Anything you can do to restore the vintage bike to the original look will increase its value. Getting just the right color of paint is one item that helps.

Dirt bike salvage

Vintage dirt bikes are seeing something of a resurgence lately. Many bike dirt vintage models can be full of rust so be careful what you buy. If there is a lot of work on a bike, vintage dirt bike parts can be expensive. A dirt bike salvage yard maybe able to help, but don't rely on this as a source of spares.

dirt bike salvage


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