Vintage kawasaki dirt bikes

Classic kawasaki - green with envy.

Looking for vintage kawasaki dirt bikes, may not be as hard as you think. The advent of the internet has made it easier to track down these bikes, if your a collector or someone wanting to build one up.

Small ads such as ebay and other sites devoted to the vintage bike, will give you the ideal motorbike classifieds that you require. Take all necessary measures when buying your vintage Kawasaki, as there maybe a lot of work required, for those bikes left in barns over many years. Never test ride a bike like this unless your sure the owner has checked the oil or brakes, as you could ruin the bike or have a crash.

vintage kawasaki dirt bikes

It’s a big biker planet for sure. In most bikers garage and store rooms, you’ll find all manner of dirt bike trader magazines and old biker stuff. Now some riders hark back to those halcyon biker rally pics, in owning a classic kawasaki dirt bike.

It’s not just for the lifestyle biker or the hardcore bike trail pit rider sandblasting grit around a circuit – anyone can buy these older rpm motorsports pitbikes. So let’s just do that and take a look. should always be your first hot bike stop off point. We immediately saw a 1976 Kawasaki KX250 AHRMA tru grit vintage moto. With 6 days to go it had reached $2,000.

Although it looked like it had come straight out of a biker magazines photoshoot, it had tons of dirt biker additions. Such as Bridgestone back & Michelin front tire, Mikuni carb, ported cylinder and pistons and a NOVATION RACING aluminium swingarm.

Moving onto another racing bikes Kawasaki model on ebay, we picked over a 1986 KAWASAKI KX 125 vintage pit bike. Only a day to go and reaching $102.50 there was still some bidding left to do. The biker picture on the ad looked ok, but this was a barn find. So you wont be racing this on a houston motorsports park anytime soon.

Kawasaki KE 100 A7 1978 classic old dirtbike

This vintage kawasaki dirt bikes moto needed an exhaust, clutch cable, and the engine didn’t turn over. Bike safety is important with such classics, so take your time and overhaul it in your own time using quality spares.

Lastly on ebay was a Kawasaki KE100-A7 (1978) Owners Manual/Handbook priced at $15.79. Sure it was a bit ragged around the edges, but it was complete.

Also ebay has lots of stock in regards to classic dirtbike manuals- and they’re not overpriced. You’ll need a solid manual when you begin your own projects, and ebay is just the place to buy them.

Talking of hot biker spares you’ll need to visit Which is self explanatory really, they sell all kinds of biker rally gear from a bike wheel to sets of dirt bike graphics. So what did we pick out? A 1976 Kawasaki KX125 tank sticker was $12.00, and an Oval Number Plate Board for a Vintage 74-76 Kawasaki KX125 came in at $25.99. Plus a KX250 ignition coil for an 83-84 model was selling for $49.95.

A final visit to is also useful. Not exactly vintage, but you can get some cracking deals on some older kawas. A Kawasaki KX 250 for £1700, and this enduro was only a few years old. You might want it for bike stunts, or to race around a stone ground grits circuit. This kawazaki had never been raced fully, and after every 2 rides the oil and air filter had been cleaned. If that’s not enough it comes with a number of spares ie: New renthal bars and grips, cleaners and an airbox cover.

Dirt bike aftermarket part

So whatever site you visit, look hard at the biker pics and seek advice from a pit bike forum. Maybe once you buy the dirtbike, get some biker books such as manuals and history about the model. You’ll then be well prepared for your newton motorsports races.

Here are some Kawasaki biker movies to get you started.

Vintage kawasaki dirt bikes power to the ground

Tom Benolkin Millville MX Motocross 1978 Vintage Kawasaki Dirt Bikes KX 125 KX 250

about dirt bikes old kawasaki

Dirt bike sale

Having a go at dirt bike jumping on your vintage kawasaki dirt bikes? Well many motocross riders love it. Because of the pressure on the cycle, have a good dirt bike aftermarket part store on hand. Maybe look in on a dirt bike sale or online accessory store that will make the most from your cash. It’s best to keep informed about dirt bikes through magazines and forums for new innovations.

dirt bike sale


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