Vintage motocross bikes for sale

Classic pit bikes.

Picking out some vintage motocross bikes for sale ? well be careful. A vintage bike can be a brilliant buy or a millstone around your neck. Never buy in haste, as there could be an enormous amount of work on an older bike. Also decide is it worth the hours of work to restore the bike (unless it’s restored already) in which case you need to be sure it’s been done correctly as you'll be paying premium prices.

vintage motocross bikes for sale

Hot motocross

It’s a hot motocross subject with those who value vintage dirt bikes. If you’re doing a restoration job out of the joy of seeing a classic bike back on the track, that’s fair enough but you will still spend good money and hours on your older pit bike. When your back on the track don’t forget new hjc motocross helmets or even a classic helmet to purchase, to set off your classic moto.

hot motocross

A dirt bike for sale can come in all shapes and sizes. You can get a cheap Chinese crazy bike or an expensive enduro bikers dream.

But today we are looking at classic bikers rides for vintage moto cross trails.

Taking the classic trail bike theme, we went on the net for some cool biker metal and bike kit. has numerous older moto cross 125 cc motos and are purveyors of the retro moto cross bike. Their super bike “for sale” page included a 1973 Honda Elsinore 250 and a 1974 Yamaha YZ360. But we couldn’t see prices, we assume they are all POA. has some classic free info, rider pics, etc.. and if you want sport bike parts, they have some links back to ebay - so we took a look. Some 1979 KX250 FOOT PEGS AHRMA KX 250 were on offer at $19.99. Plus a Fork Seal Driver for an AHRMA YZ CR RM KX motorized bikes model came in at $24.75. has a number of private offroad classifieds for a new rider or a more mature lifestyle rider. Turning up a 1992 YZ Yamaha 250 going for £599. This fast bikes model has a new bike tire, solid running mx engine and it’s all clean and ready to race – you won’t need a new set of biker decals to spruce this ride up.

On the same site we found a Honda TLR200 1987, up at £1,650. The ad included clear photos moto cross images of the motorbike. And this model was loaded with dirt bike gear - new renthals, dep exhaust, tank & frame resprayed and a stainless front pipe.

Classic motocross rides

Then we had to turn to It’s superb for younger riders as the bargains are all around. What about buying a 1975 Husqvarna WR400 6 Speed Vintage Racer - bidding was up at $1,275.00 and only 4 days left. It has a new Barnett clutch, Magura levers and original Bing carb with the owner installing a kill switch for safety.

hjc motocross helmets

Ebay also brought up a 1976 Kawasaki KX KX250 AHRMA Vintage motorcycle. This to had 4 days to go of the auction, and showing a current bid of $2,000.

This vintage motocross bikes for sale model came with a 38mm carb, 50 tooth rear sprocket, RK Gold chain and a Works Performance shocks set-up for 195 lb. It’s a lot of bike for any local biker rallies and you wont need to do any bike maintenance – its ready to go.

If you’re thinking of buying vintage motocross bikes for sale, you could be as well joining a specialist biker club and certainly sign up to a few biker forums. As a future vintage rider take a day off and get along to a biker event – these occasion moto cross days, often have vintage motocross bikes for sale – but use the day to get ideas and see what’s suitable for you.

Here are some classic bike videos and rider movie clips, for the classic fan. Will you find these vintage motocross bikes for sale?

YZ 490 at the Sawmill

1979 Yamaha MX 175


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