Vintage motocross bikes

The older pit bike.

There are vintage motocross bikes up and down the country. In classified adverts and online forums. These bikes can take a lot of looking after and they are ideal if you’re a handy mechanic as it will save you money getting the bike in order. Rust is the killer for any vintage bike so check it over and give it a test ride before buying.

vintage motocross bikes

From the classic motocross wallpapers to some american rider magazine articles, the evolution motocross bike, from its early days has inspired a dirt bike rider to buy and find out more about them.

Motorcycles dirt bikes are always evolving, so if your thinking of buying old used dirt bikes, come with us to find out more.

The first 2 stroke dirt bikes website we stopped at, was It’s a fascinating place to check out the retro honda bikes and kawasaki dirt bikes. They have some great images of old bike rally days, and you might even find out who invented the dirt bike?

We bought a Joel Robert Suzuki T-Shirt on offer at $25. Cool for any dry rider or fill dirt motocrosser wanting a slice of the old days. has a number of very cheap used dirt bikes and some expensive suzuki bikes too. We looked over a 1980 Yamaha IT 175 Enduro, which was open to offers. A lot of the used dirt bike restoration had been completed. But it did require a set of motocross graphics stickers, and a small split in the side panel needed attention. With a full engine rebuild, all new gaskets and seals inc. front forks means it’s a fantastic buy for someone.

The site also had a Beamish Suzuki RL250, (1979) going for £950. Some new bike ride parts had been fitted, and is ready for any land rider wanting to put it through its paces.

Our next bike shop on the list was They were selling a 1982 YAMAHA YZ 490 in mint condition. With a day to go bidding was up to $560. This dirt bikes sale moto had been completly rebuilt from frame up. Which included a Carb rebuild and jets, New Air & fuel filters and a Fresh bore and Wiseco piston job. Ready for any young riders and women motorcycle riders that want to take it for a spin.

Perhaps you’d like a vintage Honda XR 200R 1984, from ebay? This model again was available for another day at a current bid of $355. The current rider had put new plugs in it, added fresh gas, and lubricated all important areas. The picture looked just like the cool motocross posters of the 80’s. But inexperienced motocrossers may need some dirt bike training before taking this unique motorbike on the muddy trails.

The classic motocross bicycle

Wanting to buy dirt classic bikes and vintage motocross bikes even more? sell some classic enduros, from a neat huffy bike to some early ktm dirt bikes - we had a good look around.

The buy used dirt bike models on sale where a 1980 Yamaha OW40 (an Ex Neil Hudson Ride). Being 99% complete, with matching frame and engine numbers, it was open to offers. As was a 1979 KTM 250 and a 1979 Honda CR250.

Also read up on any classic pit bike reviews within magazines, as that should help drill down your final choice on vintage motocross bikes as well.

Vintage motocross bikes YZ490

Vintage motocross bikes Starting a 1983 CR480

mongoose electric motocross bicycle

Motocross racing game

If a vintage dirt bike isn’t for you how about a mongoose electric motocross bicycle they are great fun and you’ll be surprised how quick they can go for an electric unit. If your dipping your toe in the water maybe start off with a motocross racing game, there are many free ones on the web so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Get into the motocross fun of this sport the way you want to. As long as your enjoying it in your own way that's all that counts.

motocross racing game


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