Vintage suzuki dirt bikes

Oldies and goodies

Many vintage suzuki dirt bikes, are in the hands of collectors or enthusiasts. But internet buys are always about, check out ebay or craigslist for possibilities and you may be surprised as to what turns up.

With any vintage bike you need to check if it’s been stored in a garage or ridden regularly. If it’s been ridden test ride the bike, but if it’s been stored it maybe unwise to do so, as brakes and oil levels maybe incorrect. Parts maybe rusted and unsafe, so use your judgment. The main thing is to be aware if the bike needs a lot of money spending on it, or if it’s a genuine bargain.

vintage suzuki dirt bikes

A classic suzuki dirt bike can be a rewarding experience. It can be a classic bikes buy, but you shouldn’t buy one from a stupid biker who may have been in a motor bike accident.

No need to enrol in a motorcycle repair school with us as we check out the biker classifieds on the web for cool vintage suzuki dirt bikes. We can be your biker search engine today. is an obvious start. They have plenty of international motorsports gear. From super bikes decals, dirt bike track repro plastics (& motorcycle body parts) and various Suzuki bikers rally accessories.

They do dirt bike sales too. What about a 1974' Suzuki TM125, selling for $5400. The restored Suzuki makes perfect biker fun, as the motorcycle has been kept in excellent bike storage before work began.

Also a smart 1977' Suzuki RM370, going for $4200, was also very clean. You don’t have to build your own bike – its been done for you (from the ground up!). This bikers usa zuki should have heads turning whenever you take it out for a run.

What next in our cheap dirt bike search? Well it has to be Coming across a Victor SS RM 400 Suzuki HYBRID AHRMA bike motor was certainly a find. With 5 days to go current bidding stood at $4,495. Description was good and this is certainly a bikers bikers Suzuki classic. From the motorcycle exhaust system to the trials bikes engine, it’s all been hand built, with no regards to cost. The bike pics in the advert possibly don’t do it justice and this kind of vintage suzuki dirt bikes model, doesn’t come up that often.

Want something else for california motorsports tracks? A 1976 Suzuki RM 370 might be up your street – advertised on ebay. Only 3 hours left and a current price of $255. It’s a cared for motorcycle, which uses pure synthetic mixing oil. Ideal for a biker fest rally, but does require cleaning such as the power valves. has some free vintage history info. Which maybe better than reading a biker ezine or a dirt bike magazine – so do stop by and check it out.

Dirt bike repair has a plethora of biker photo gallery classifieds. Although it took a bit of digging we did look up a Suzuki 250 cc, 1997 model selling at $1,200. This king motorsports offorader, was in tip top condition – and all you’ll want is a trip down to the dirt biker helmets store and your ready to roll.

Take a look at some dirt bike videos about Vintage suzuki dirt bikes below.

Vintage suzuki dirt bikes

1982 Suzuki RM250Z - AHRMA vintage motocross 82 RM 250

old suzuki 250 classic

Dirt bikes parts

Dirt bikes parts are all important. Taking on a dirt bike repair should be ok, as long as you’re within your ability and the job is easy enough. Finding dirt bikes spares at an accessory store, should be straight forward if you take all your details with you, make, model, part number - if there is one, and year of manufacture. From 150cc dirt bikes to 49cc pitbikes, the parts catalogue or mx shop should have something for you.

dirt bikes parts


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