Vintage yamaha dirt bikes

Love the classic style.

Buying vintage yamaha dirt bikes is an interesting pursuit. The Yamaha brand has always been a strong one, and has great racing and dirt biking heritage.

Many internet sites offer information and even bikes for sale, so make sure you investigate the model thoroughly. Like any vintage bike, they may need a lot of work to put back on the road, unless you’re paying full price for a restored model. If you are building a vintage bike, to put back on the road or race on a mud circuit, take care that parts are easily found and not too expensive.

vintage yamaha dirt bikes

Yamaha bikes whether vintage or new, keep many star riders coming back for more. A classic yamaha bike can still have a damaged pit bike frame, or need a dirt bike part – so you need to pick your track bike with care.

We found that online the dirt bike racing classifieds make it easier to pick a quality used bike. So take some tips if you’re an uneasy rider, and see what used bikes for sale we came across. was our first place to check out the vintage soil mover yamaha dirt bike. Their off-road bikes section was coming soon, which wasn’t a free rider problem as we looked deeper. Where we discovered some yamaha motor bike decals priced from $25. (Suitable for vintage 90cc, 125, 175, 250 & 360cc motos) these were factory repros so ideal if your restoring an old yama bike for sale. Also they have an OEM Part Request form which could prove handy. of course has tons of 50cc dirt bike models, american rider night soil apparel and even old trail rider magazine books. But this time we wanted vintage yamaha dirt bikes for new riders. Our first advert was showing two, 1973 Yamaha GT-80 motorcycles selling for $995. These ruff rider motorcycles were an abandoned project and don’t run currently. But they are low mileage and show a lot of potential.

If that’s not your scene for mx soils classics, try a CT175 Yamaha AHRMA vintage motocross bike still on ebay priced to sell for $125. This too is a non-runner which needs re-boring. So you’ll need to find a quality Yamaha parts store that have everything for the solo atv rider.

We then found just that (a quality online spares store) - These enduro soil engineers have a lot of parts for vintage yamaha dirt bikes and plenty of bike tricks accessories as well. A 1979 YZ 400 clutch cable came in at $9.99, and a 1977 YAMAHA YZ 400 airbox was up at $24.99 and lastly a 1977 YZ 400 seat was only $9.99. can be quite a cool riders plus website. With a number of classifieds bike pictures. We enjoyed finding a Yamaha YZ 100 1978 model, up for $775. As well as having new pistons, the dirt bike comes with K&N filters, 6 speed transmission and new chain & sprockets. That’s one more rider who’ll get a great deal.

Dirt bike store

If you’re good mechanically a vintage yamaha dirt bikes motor can be an excellent project. But if your wanting a mint model do expect to pay a lot more.

An easy rider biker magazine might have some articles within its easy rider mag pages on classic yamaha’s; and most mx publications can be a fine source of free info.

Vintage Yamaha Motorcycle Advertisements

A vintage yamaha dirt bikes model - a 1979 Yamaha YZ250 AHRMA

dirt bike pics of classic yamaha enduros

Dirt bike accesories

A dirt bike store is invaluable to you. If you’re competing in a dirt bike race or doing stunts, you'll need to get your hands on quality dirt bike accesories quickly. Most online stores and shops will have plenty of dirt bike pics, but ask questions if you’re still not sure.

dirt bike accesories


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