Vittorazi bikes

"Rare" Vittorazi fun.

Vittorazi bikes are not the most well known brand. You may have heard of them in passing or at a race event. They are not considered the quickest bike but offer great value, as your not paying for a top speed racing bike.

Quality too may not be paramount with these bikes but for a beginner these are not bad machines. They do offer great little engines which pack a punch but be sure if you get one; parts are available as this lesser known model may cause supply issues.

vittorazi bikes

From 49cc mini dirt bikes to the 110cc bike mini if you want to head into pioneer territory on mini moto dirt bikes & road bikes - there has never been a better time. It wont hurt your pocket too, from a wholesale mini dirt bike to a mini hoda pocket bike its upto you what to buy.

Vittorazi mini trail bikes are not easy to find, but you do see them in used mini bike for sale classifieds and mini pocket rocket bikes stores.

However we still took a look in the organized territory of the web for some deals. had a PBvittorazi page for vittorazi bikes. They carry anything from motorcycle spare parts to a mini bike body kit. But sadly we found that Vittorazi pocketbikes were not imported anymore, but they did still stock many bike mini part items for this brand.

Of course is the place to get a new bike and new bike dirt mini parts. If you’re a mini motor bike uk rider or your marking its territory in the USA, do check shipping costs. have a pocket bikes page, and it acts a little like a portal. You can find all manner of stuff from an atv tire chain, motorcycle painting and pics plus motorcycle transport trailers. But it will all take some digging.

Vittorazi motorcycles

Vittorazi Bikes - What the Buzz is About

Vittorazi got its name from Vittoriano Orazi, who developed many different engines and was instrumental in introducing mini motorbikes in 1987 to Italy.

Vittorazi Pollini minimoto small bikes

As with every other country, the little bikes were for fun more than anything else and often provided a special display during other racing events. The challenge and fun of racing the bikes, however, made them grow in fashion.

Kids and adults wanted one and the inexpensive price made it a reasonable request. People asked for pocket bike sports events and competition and Vittorazi responded.

Because of the size, tracks for riding the small Vittorazi bikes safely in a controlled environment- at least as controlled as possible when speed and skill control the action - were built. Those Italian racetracks let people rent one of the small bikes and join the racing competition.

Young riders got an earlier start in racing because of the size, like Marco Melandri and Valentino Rossi, both champions. Although imports have stopped to the US, Vittorazi bikes still sell around the world.

Some US racing teams have used the Vittorazi-Pollini minimoto. Vittorazi builds incredible motors that remain in high demand. Engines for paramotors or motorized paragliders began production in 1994, with Orazi manufacturing and testing them.

ATM bought over the company in 1997, leading to the ATM Vittorazi. Some riders consider the minimoto a bit odd in appearance and declare the midi just a bit nicer. It is inexpensive but not as powerful as other minis. Parts get harder to find, so check for parts availability before you purchase a used one.

If you read Italian, many of the articles about Vittorazi and its history are available on the net. They lose value in translation, but we all know if it has anything to do with motors, wheels, and Italian manufacturing, it is good.

Vittorazi bikes Minimoto

Dirt bike clips & safety

If your wanting atv tires and discount deals, or the correct motorcycle tire size for your vittorazi; we would also recommend the big stores. Such as motorcycle superstore; but be sure you have taken down the correct sizes before contacting them.

For an offroad motorcycle racing jacket or bell motorcycle helmets try They have great sales on lids such as a nolan motorcycle helmet and you may even get a novelty motorcycle helmet – but never race in these, even if your tempted to do it for a stunt.

Having dirt bike accidents (& minimoto accidents) on the race track will happen. You may have seen plenty of motor bike clips on youtube. However a minimoto & dirt bike site will advise on the correct safety gear. So look up some motor bike picture images of crashes and you'll see they all wear helmets and padding, which keep you safe should you be unlucky.

dirt bike clips

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