Water cooled mini motos

Even more power! - Water power!

The Water cooled mini motos are great bikes; they are usually robust and run smoothly. Water-cooled bikes are based on tried and tested methods of cooling the bikes engine and are popular amongst riders.

These bikes vary in many models and makes and this is all down to personal preferences, because a water cooled engine is quite common it’s really upto you as to the model you buy. As with any bike its condition and how clean overall the bike is that should affect your decision to buy. New is best, if you can afford it; as you then know that your bike has not been damaged by another rider.

water cooled mini motos

There are lots of options for bowl dust riders wanting a fast mini dirt bike. You can have minibike electric motos, minibike choppers and cool mini baja minibikes.

But some riders want water cooled mini motos for their motor bike rally offroad.

Where can you buy such a dust western wizzer motor bike? We can give you a few choice tips for these mini pocket dirt bikes.

Fuzing.com was selling a 50cc 2 Stroke Water Cooled pocket motor bikes model with a KTM style exterior to take all the dust and scratches. It had a top speed of 65km/h which makes that a fast minibikes ride. The price was sadly POA, but it was being sold by Zhejiang so there could be every chance of a wholesale mini bikes price coming your way.

Next along for new minibikes was zuma.com.au. They had a Zinger 50 LC Mini Moto Cross dirt minibikes ride which was liquid cooled. The zinger has a heavy duty Chassis – far superior to any used bike frame you would buy. Plus it comes with a "pitbike" longer suspension and better tire size, should you encounter any dust build up on the circuits. Price again was POA which was disappointing but you can always ask the dirtbike store for a quote in a quick email.

Water Cooled Mini Dirtbikes pitbikes

Water cooled mini motos might need a mini bike plan when buying spares. So be sure you know of a good mini bike and go cart supplier before you buy one. Or you may not be able to get that mini dirt bike motor turning over again. However there is always a chance with ebay.com

Yep buying gas mini dirt bikes spares and offroad books is easy enough so water cooled mini motos bits should be about as well.

Sure enough we discovered a 37mm piston kit for a mini pit bike selling at £13.99; and a custom mini bike part K&N air filter for a little water cooled dirtbike for a lowcost £7.49. A header tank for a watercooled mini enduro was £9.99 – and postage was free on all 3 items.

You shouldn’t need any motor bike loans for spares this well priced. So for a bike gas mini moto or a watercooled offroader, remember ebay for spares.

Foreign dirt bike engines

Water Cooled Mini Motos: Quick Info on Water Cooled Mini Dirtbikes

It is no secret nations around the world compete for dominance in the motorcycle industry, including mini dirtbikes.

atvs and dirt bikes

The 1980s saw Japan's factories take a chance on changing two-wheel technological manufacturing by changing the traditional two-stroke air cooled bike with twin shock rear suspension to water cooled and a single shock.

Why the change and how does it work? The two answers tie together.

Water cooled mini motos, like other water cooled motorcycles, are built with a radiator placed on the bike's front, near the tire. Water cooled engines are ideal for riding around town or when you know the bike will be idling quite a bit.

The water flow keeps the engine cool so it gives maximum performance and does not overheat. Air cooled engines, on the other hand, are fantastic when the bike is in near perpetual motion on the open road or trail.

Water cooled mini motos are slightly more expensive, but worth the extra cost when compared to replacing a heat-warped engine.

liquid cooled mx engine pit bike

Quite a few water cooled bikes come from China. The bikes are stylish. Durability and performance are up to chance, regardless of the company that builds them.

There are even the devoted minimoto fans that purchase bikes cheap to tear apart and rebuild to their own personal qualifications.

The 39cc water cooled Polini GP3 Rep achieves up to 55 mph. Zhejiang Huinew Industry Co Ltd in China makes the HN-F4 49cc single cylinder water cooled 2-stroke. Another popular Chinese manufacturer is Xinkai Manufacturing Co Ltd, which produces the 49cc 2-stroke water cooled XKPDB310 mini moto.

Mark Bowden, creator of MortysMiniMotos in Salisbury, Brisbane, Australia, has a pocket bike racing team. Mark, who goes by Monty, won the 2008 Australian Minimoto Series Senior Chinese Water-Cooled STD Pocket bike Class. The water-cooled bike has found a niche in racing.

Liquid Cooled Pocket Bike - Second start after Rebuild


Dirt bike engine

Dirt bike engines are critical to your success. So when buying your dirt bike for sale in your local area, ensure this is working correctly. This applies if your looking for atvs and dirt bikes, and if the power unit is in good condition with lots of supporting paperwork you know you’re onto a good bike. So don’t get distracted by the cool pit bike graphics, it’s the dirt bike engine you need to be checking.

dirt bike engine

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