World supercross

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The world supercross or the THQ World Super cross GP -THQ AMA Supercross Series to be exact. Can be found on the website This site has RACE RESULTS, SCHEDULE & TICKETS options, Top Rider Histories, Rider Numbers and even an archive of many years worth of stats. You might be able to get some of this info from the brilliant road racer x magazine too.

world supercross

Should you be thinking of motor bike tours, and going to see some supercross tracks across America, you’ll want the latest info on the supercross season and what outdoor entertaining sites there are to see.

It’s a winning supercross combination, so get a heavy grip of what we are about to reveal in our motorsport websites search.

First off is They have a ton of info for your adventure bike motor tour. With supercross ama race results, outdoor links to other cool dirt bike sites and you can even buy supercross tickets. Its like an off road motorsports magazine for your outdoor survival.

What next? Well has many supercross details and motocross articles from grip gloves to all the other motorsports that dirt bikes end up racing in. With lots of news on moto supercross and motorsports team gossip it’s a fun website. too has a motorsports blog covering motor bike clothes, ktm motorsports racing and the latest supercross crashes of course.

An online bike club motor website can often have a supercross forum where you can discuss with other fans anything from outdoor sports lighting to precision motorsports gear. But last weekends pit bike sports motorsports results are going to be the hot topic.

Road racer x

If all that’s excited you buy some invites; for your outdoor seating tickets, and follow these outdoor signs above. Enjoy your time online and off.

HOT models CRAZY crashes & world supercross stunts

2009 AMA Supercross Season Crashes

2008 ama supercross crashes

motocross supercross

Supercross series

When checking up on this year’s world supercross series both the websites above and a couple of magazines should keep you up to date on all the latest results; and how to get along and see the events themselves. So if you are a motocross supercross fanatic, the news is out there. The only problem is time, you'll soon find it’s easy to spend hours on the net in pursuit of supercross info.

supercross series


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