X7 Pocket bikes

Powerful excitement.

The X7 Pocket Bikes are new on the scene, and is a huge improvement over earlier designs. Most notable are the improvements to its look and feel. The CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is now chain driven. The Frame Is Much Stronger and tougher.

Include with this its new and very cool paint job, and you have a bike most will envy. It is powered by an OEM Mitsubishi 49cc engine and comes straight from the factory with a stage 1 race tuned performance exhaust making this a very quick bike indeed. Indeed an x7 is a brilliant bike for the most ardent pocket biker.

x7 pocket bikes

50cc mini bikes or 110cc mini dirt bikes might make your day. But you can have an adventure outdoor day on another cool motor bike. It’s a kid mini moto bike called X7 pocket bikes.

This motor bike model has hit the outdoor news pages, as it’s a fast and furious racing motor bike – and some of them end up as motor bike salvage; so whatever you do dont buy one of those mini motor bike for sale scrap rides; thinking you can repair em.

We’ll take a bike motor trial online and see what bike mini moto shop sellers have these X7 mini racing pocket bike rides on offer.

Ebay always has a bike cheap motor; or an old school mini bike spares store. It didn’t take us long to find some x7 50RR decals selling for $5.99 and some x7 49RR decals for your mini moto motor bike – at the same price. The latter could even be used on some bike dirt honda mini rides.

Racemotorparts.com is a fine outdoors store; where you can buy mini bike part and accessory items, for bike motor new racing motos and the dirt mini bike. The store was selling an X7 Soft Racing Rear Tire for a mere $35.

Then lastly we viewed motorcycle-superstore.com; who have a huge outdoor clothing online store. If you have a mini bike dirt enduro or want to feel the benefits of outdoor recreation do check them out. A KBC Visor for DRT-X and Moto-X7 Helmets was up at $18.99. The gear for outdoors and nature circuits cannot be underestimated – its excellent.

Mini bike buying

Try gumtree and craigslist for used x7 mini motor bike for sale ads and if you’re an English rider an outdoor clothing uk shop should be easily available in a local search.

Custom painted x7 pocket bikes

X7 pocket bikes start up and burnout

X-7 super pocketbike start up

dirt bike rider

Dirt bike pictures

Being a dirt bike rider is fraught with hazards. So get the best information from a dirt bike forum, and advice. There’s no harm in getting a few dirt bike pictures on your travels. But beware of dirt bike crashes, and always, always wear your safety gear.

dirt bike pictures

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