Yamaha Dirt Bike

What do a Yamaha Dirt Bike and a Japanese Piano Have in Common? One Man!

Torakusu? Does the name ring a bell?

How about the name, Yamaha? Ah, that one is familiar.

But, if you put both names together, Torakusu Yamaha, you've got the name of the young Japanese organ builder who is behind today's modern Yamaha dirt bike. Over a century ago, Torakusu needed a way to make a better reed organ. That's right. His first major success was Japan's first piano. With his success, his little company grew and moved on to other projects involving motorized vehicles.

Torakusu's company, Nikkon Gakki Co., split and named its new motorized division, the Yamaha Motor Company.

Engineers, employing their knowledge of lightweight metal alloys, needed in the manufacture of pianos, turned their knowledge towards motor bikes.

In 1954, Yamaha engineers produced the company's first motorcycle, a YA1. Twenty years later, the company produced its first Yamaha dirt-bike, the DT1. It was followed by the YZ250 in 1975. Yamaha continued to advance in the dirt bike field with the release of its YZ400F in 1998.

yamaha dirt bike

Yamaha Thrills !

The newest Yamaha pit bike models, the YZ450F and the YZ250F, have been tricked out with many upgrades. "Gripper" seats and sturdier titanium foot pegs are among the improvements.

Australian champion, Chad Reed, achieved his first American victory in 2001; he became the east coast Supercross champion onboard a 4-stroke Yamaha YZ250F.

By 2006, Reed had switched up to a YZ450F. In spite of serious shoulder injuries, Reed lost the Supercross title by only 2 points.

Like the riders of this extreme sport; and like the company's original founder, Torakusu Yamaha, the Yamaha dirt bike continues its quest for perfection.

New yamaha dirt bike

A new yamaha dirt-bike is a riders dream. But how about a cheap yamaha dirt-bike ? which you can buy used. Have a look at the auction sites on dirt bikes yamaha adverts. So many bike dirt yamaha classifieds and info is on there, but select the engine size for you and be wary of abused cycles.

dirt bikes yamaha

From kids dirt bikes to offroad bike parts Yamaha is a kings motor bikes model. A new bike can cost a great deal if your only playing dirt bike games, so what about a bike used model?

Lets us take you on a bike review of whats out there on the web for biker boys and girls.

Mxchange.co.uk has lots of wet soil off road bikes, and kids bike rides, but what about the Yamaha dirt bike? Want a Yamaha YZ 85 going for £950?

This biker wars pitbike has had a gearbox change, a HGS race exhaust pipe and v force reeds. Also a load of bike accessory bits have been thrown in as well; such as custom rocky soil graphics and cool gold rims on its offroad tyres.

In our biker wisdom we stayed to seek out a Yamaha YZ 125 selling for £1250. This was a biker dudes pride and joy and had been maintained as a bike trainer would like. Plus it came with a number of offroad jamboree goodies. FMF GOLD series exhaust, blue wheels, Upside down forks and TEAM BAD BOY graphics. All you really need is a dirt bike helmet to get riding.

Bike dirt yamaha

Ebay.com was our next stop. From quality touring bikes to big pocket bikes and of course a hard to find dirt bike part are all often found on ebay. We spotted a YAMAHA YZ 250 motocross motorbike for £1,350. All important parts, have been greased and oiled, ie: the oil in this biker riders engine was changed every 2nd ride out. You should be able to grind over any soil layer circuit with this moto.

bike dirt yamaha

Ebay also had a Yamaha YZ 250F Motocross Bike which was on sale at £1,350. This pitbike came with a spares kit and a bikers club maintenance manual. Being completely standard just like a biker magazine would love, its only addition was a Manchester extreme graphics kit.

Lastly we went to mxclassifieds.com. Who had an awesome Yamaha YZ250 going for $2350. A Race Tech suspension, New FMF Fatty, new Renthal spockets & DID chain plus graphics kit was all included in the sale.

Pit bike forums and enduro biker clubs should also have some off road biker link options for places to go. It’s a good idea to have some biker chat before making your final selection.

Yamaha YZ450F - Motocross First Ride

Yamaha Dirt Bike YZ250F Motocross Ride


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